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Power up your customer engagement with advanced Airbridge-Braze integration
February 15, 2023
Dana Kang

We’re happy to share that Airbridge has strengthened its partnership with Braze, a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform, to level up its integration with best-in-class technology!

An official Braze Alloys Partner since 2021, Airbridge has helped marketers build data-driven engagement campaigns by enabling them to send attribution data to Braze through SDK integration. The new server-to-server (S2S) integration allows even more various types of data, faster transfer, and higher user matching and identification accuracy.

Once you configure the integration, you can transfer attribution data of App Install Event and Deep Link Open Event from Airbridge to Braze. The first is sent by default, whereas the latter is sent if you choose. Braze will map the data to its filters so that you can segment your user base in the Braze dashboard by the channel, campaign, ad group, and/or ad creative that generated an app install or a deep link open.

When used together with robust segmentation tools, attribution data can keep your users engaged with your app. For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce app that sells apparel for women, men, and children. By integrating Airbridge and Braze, you can create a user segment of those who clicked on an ad creative containing photos of children’s pants and send them an in-app message offering a 20% discount on children’s apparel. This kind of personalized communication not only drives purchases but also retains users, ultimately contributing to higher ROI.

Please refer to the Airbridge User Guide for detailed instructions on setting up the integration. Note that current Airbridge clients who want to transition from SDK integration to S2S integration are recommended to remove the old code snippet.

About Braze

Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. Context underpins every Braze interaction, helping brands foster human connection with consumers through interactive conversations across channels that deliver value quickly and continuously. To learn more, visit

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Dana Kang
Product Marketing Manager
Dana is Airbridge’s Product Marketing Manager. Responsible for Airbridge’s blog, social media, and newsletter, she is passionate about building brand visibility through data-driven content.
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