Level up your marketing game

From UA performance to in-game events, measure the impact of your ads and analyze user engagement across all gaming platforms and devices.
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Analyze metrics that matter to your game

Choose from over 200 metrics to build your own customized reporting views that meet your game’s KPI. Track, analyze, and optimize your campaign across all gaming platforms and devices from one single dashboard.
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Identify high-value players

Gain insights into your performance at a glance by consolidating all your ad spend and monetization data into one single dashboard. Our predictive lifetime value (pLTV) feature helps you identify and target high-value players by estimating players’ potential spending.
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Predict player churn

Understand your player retention by breaking down cohorts into granular sub-groups, measuring game engagement on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis. Our predictive lifetime (pLT) feature helps optimize your retention strategy by estimating players’ revisit frequency.
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Win at every stage of the funnel

Direct players where you want them to go, track in-game behaviors, and get more conversions. Get answers to questions like:
At which game level do users tend to drop off or convert?
Which gaming UA channels contribute the most to user conversion?
Which game updates or feature releases drive the most conversions?
What is the average time spent before a player makes an in-app purchase?
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Crack the code to cross-platform gaming UA

Understand your players wherever they are - whether PC, web, console, or mobile app. Track user flows to measure and grow your marketing performance across multiple platforms and devices.
Achieve new levels of growth
Stronger fraud protection
Focus your budget on real users.
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Analyze cohorts 20x faster.
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See all your apps, in one dashboard.

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