Full-suite measurement tool for games
Track and analyze a multitude of events, from app installs to signups, in-app purchases and in-app conversions, on a unified dashboard. Airbridge offers you the A to Z of what gaming apps need for marketing measurement, targeting, and optimization.
Arm your user acquisition strategy with numerous metrics
Increase ROI by discovering channels that engage high-value players. With Airbridge, you have insights into CPI and CPA, cohort retention, ARPU and ROAS, and IAP and IAA. In addition, you can aggregate cost and integrate with mediation platforms to add extra depth to your analysis. All of this can be found in a single unified dashboard.
Track following metrics and more
SKAN Installs
d1, d3, d7 ROAS (Cumulative)
d1, d3, d7 ARPU (Cumulative)
d1, d3, d7 N-Day Retention
In-App Purchase Revenue (IAP)
In-App Ads Revenue (IAA)
Integrate with your favorite ad channels
Precision targeting for higher profitability
Create custom audiences who have performed specific events. Tap into your first-party data and directly integrate with various ad platforms for retargeting and lookalike marketing to maximize user lifetime value.
Guard your budget against ad fraud
Customize validation rules to suit your business needs and filter suspicious anomalies such as click injection and click spamming on Lag Time Report. Optimize budget efficiency by identifying channels repeating ads to the same users.
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A single view of all cohort-based cost analysis
Consolidate your cost data from multiple sources in one place. Save time using a standardized dashboard that accurately visualizes cost, conversion and revenue data.
Reach the right audience blazing fast
Engage users with the right message at the right time. Audience creation is customizable down to the most granular property.
Ensure data reliability for critical business decisions
Protect your marketing budget and decision-making with complete fraud protection rules you can rely on.
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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