Deep linking

Boost revenue with seamless user experiences

Create personalized, contextual user experiences that boosts conversions with powerful linking solutions.
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Friction-free user journey

Seamlessly take your users to your desired in-app destination in just one click with Airbridge’s powerful deep links and deferred deep links — even if someone doesn’t have your app installed yet.

Convert web traffic to app users

Optimize your web-to-app campaign by seamlessly forwarding website visitors to the appropriate app store or landing page through our call-to-action button.

Connect offline to online

Airbridge automatically generates high-resolution QR codes unique to each tracking link. Easily measure offline marketing campaigns by embedding trackable QR codes in stores, billboards, TV ad creatives and more.

Standout with branded links

Reinforce your brand identity with branded links. Create your own custom domain and easily customize visual previews of your URL, including title, description, and image.

Easy link management

Have complete control over all your tracking links. Effortlessly create tracking links in bulk on Google Spreadsheets using our Tracking Link Generation API. Plus, organize, edit, and manage your link all in one place.

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