Deep Linking & Tracking Links

Deliver exceptional mobile experiences

Boost conversions by providing seamless redirections to in-app pages while attributing conversions across web-to-app, influencers, paid channels, email, SMS, and QR codes.
Bridge fragmented user journeys
Smoothly connect users to specific in-app content with deferred deep links regardless whether the user has installed the app.
The transition from Firebase Dynamic Links:
With Firebase Dynamic Links no longer available, mobile app businesses are actively seeking alternative deep linking solutions. This is where Airbridge steps in, providing a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the gap left by Firebase but also introduces advanced features to elevate your app's performance.

One-stop link creation and management

Create deep links in the blink of an eye on Airbridge or bulk generate them through APIs and spreadsheets. Conveniently manage or modify from an organized list of all previously created links.

Brand and customize your links

Enhance brand awareness and establish credibility by sharing branded links that indicate where the link will lead. With Airbridge, you can customize the domain, path, thumbnail, title, and description of your branded links.

Connect offline to online with QR codes

Airbridge auto-generates a unique trackable QR code for each deep link that you create. Drive and measure engagement for TV screens, billboard ads, and more.
Deep Linking Basics: Everything Marketers and Developers Need to Know
Perfect and easy to use MMP with great analytics”
Jeff, Product Manager, Kakao VX

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