Web + app attribution

Unify web and app measurement

Users bounce back and forth between online platforms, from desktop web, mobile web, to app. Airbridge helps you unify all your performance data across web and app in one dashboard so you can get the full picture of your campaign delivery at a glance.
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Mobile attribution

See all iOS & Android metrics in one dashboard

Deep dive into your mobile performance
Gain diverse perspectives on your mobile attribution data, from app installs to in-app events with 10 different reports. Download raw app data with attribution results directly from the dashboard or automatically extract it to cloud storage for more in-depth analysis.
Dynamic deep linking
Create and deploy powerful deep links that seamlessly direct users to your desired in-app locations while attributing credits to touchpoints along the conversion path.
Customize your lookback windows
Airbridge provides two types of lookback windows for app installs and in-app events to enhance accuracy. Configure your lookback windows at the channel level for any event, ranging from as short as five minutes to as long as 30 days.
Easy-to-integrate mobile SDKs
Avoid the tedious process of direct integration. We offer native mobile SDKs for Android and iOS SDKs, along with SDKs for React Native, Flutter, Unity, Expo, and more.
Web attribution

View desktop & mobile web metrics at a glance

Gain full visibility into your web performance
Easily measure and analyze your web traffic and web events. See which channels and campaigns drive the highest website visits and conversions. Download raw web data with attribution results directly from the dashboard or automatically extract it to cloud storage for more in-depth analysis.
Enjoy effortless unified tracking
Airbridge's tracking links seamlessly cover all activities, on both mobile app and web. There is no need to create separate tracking links just for the web. Simply connect your tracking links with our web SDK to effortlessly analyze deep link activations, web events, web-assisted app installs, and web-to-app conversions, all at once.
Automated UTM tracking
Airbridge's web SDK processes tracking links and stores UTM values as campaign parameters, automatically identifying campaigns that serve as sources for the referred web traffic.
Airbridge was the only MMP that gave us analytics across both apps and web. The customizable reports are super easy to create and provide a great bird's eye view of our business."
Web-to-app attribution

Connect users’ web-to-app journey

Convert your web traffic to app users
Optimize your web-to-app campaign by seamlessly forwarding website visitors to the appropriate app store or landing page through our call-to-action button. This integrated call-to-action button, powered by Airbridge’s tracking link and web SDK, enables easy measurement and analysis of all web and mobile touchpoints across your users’ journey.

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