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Attribution and measurement
Understand every aspect of the user journey
Mobile Attribution
Real-time click & impression-based attribution
Reinstall, uninstall, and organic attribution
Retargeting, re-engagement, reactivation attribution
Cost aggregation & ROAS measurement
In-app or S2S event measurement
Subscription measurement
Flexible attribution and lookback window
Web Attribution
Web event measurement and postback
Automated UTM tracking
Organic referrer attribution
Search ads keyword tracking
Cross-platform Attribution
Web-to-app conversion attribution
Direct and deferred deep link attribution
PC & console attribution
SKAN reporting
SKAN 3.0 & 4.0 conversion value manager
SKAN deduplication
Analytics and reporting
Uncover actionable insights
Real-time marketing analytics
Unified cross-platform dashboard
Retention report
Funnel report
Revenue report
Fraud detection and protection
Flexible cohort analysis
Audience manager
Lifetime value and prediction (pLTV)
Granular insights via filters and GroupBy options
Flexible timeframe analysis
Touchpoint analytics
Standard and custom events
Deep linking
Bridge fragmented user journeys
Web-to-app CTA button
Direct and deferred deep linking
Tracking link manager
Customizable redirection paths
Unlimited tracking link generator API
Link branding & shortener
Data and security
Make your data observable, actionable, and secure
Flexible data export (CSV, API, webhook, download)
Near-real time live data feeds
3rd party analytics and storage integrations
User access control
Unlimited custom metric upload
Ad spend upload
Meet our best-in-class support team
Quick response time
Full-cycle support from product onboarding, adoption, and enablemente live data feeds
Thanks to Airbridge's cost aggregation and ROAS reporting, we streamlined our ad cost analysis and cut CPI costs by 20% in just one month.”
Airbridge really tackled our pain points, from managing fragmented user identities to dealing with deep linking, data collection and reporting.”
Airbridge is great for cross-platform gaming UA. We use Airbridge to measure the marketing performance of our games across on/offline platforms including PC, console, Steam, and even transit DOOH ads (digital out-of-home ads).”
Unlike other MMPs that charge you for advanced features, Airbridge gives you everything you need to grow your app in one neat package, no add-ons or surprise fees.”

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