Maximize your mobile growth
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s privacy-first measurement suite packed with multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling.
Trusted by leading brands
The only MMP that mastered privacy-first unified measurement
Full performance visibility
Gain a comprehensive view of your marketing performance across web and app, Android and iOS, and SKAN and non-SKAN, all in a single dashboard.
Forecast and optimize growth
Confidently allocate budget towards marketing channels that maximize growth with privacy-first insights derived from our marketing mix modeling report.
Unparalleled measurement insights
Go beyond last-touch attribution and understand what truly drives growth at different stages of your marketing cycle with granular insights from multi-touch attribution, incrementality measurement and marketing mix modeling.
Take your mobile marketing
to the next level
meliz used Airbridge MMM to power its privacy-first marketing measurement.
more installs credited to display ads with MMM than with LTA
increase in installs expected following the prescribed budget plan
decrease in eCPI expected following the prescribed budget plan
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The MMM solution offered by Airbridge is the way to go. It is an essential tool to gain predictive insights and optimize budgets in the privacy-first era.”
Jongsoo Shin
Marketing Manager
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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