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If you’re looking for an advanced privacy-first measurement suite with all-inclusive pricing, you’ve come to the right place.
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The world’s only MMP packed with MTA and MMM built for the privacy-first world

Unified Measurement Stack →
Gain a comprehensive view of your marketing performance across web and app, Android and iOS, and SKAN and non-SKAN, all in a single dashboard.
Confidently allocate budget towards marketing channels that maximize growth with privacy-first insights derived from our marketing mix modeling report.
The MMM solution offered by Airbridge is the way to go. It is an essential tool to gain predictive insights and optimize budgets in the privacy-first era.”
Jongsoo Shin, Marketing Manager, Meliz
more installs credited to display ads with MMM than with LTA.
increase in installs expected following the prescribed budget plan.
decrease in eCPI expected following the prescribed budget plan.

Marketing Mix Modeling:
The Privacy-First Mobile Measurement Method

No add-ons.
No paywalls.

Scale with confidence based on predictable MAU/MAI* pricing with every feature unlocked.
*Monthly Active Users/Attributed Installs

Highly customizable dashboard for actionable insights.

Intuitive and easy. Designed to empower granular analysis like no other.
Airbridge offers not only the Last Touch Attribution model, but also Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) – features that no competitors provide.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT

An extension of your team.

Full-cycle support from product onboarding, adoption, and enablement by experts with extensive experience in performance marketing, growth hacking, and ad-tech.

Take your mobile marketing to the next level.

Deep Linking

Build seamless user journeys to boost conversion rate while capturing attribution.

Marketing Analytics

Leverage vast metric options and customize reports for cross-platform optimization.

Audience Management

Build audience segments to engage high-value users and maximize user lifetime value.

Cost Aggregation & ROAS Analytics

Have all ad spend data in one place for quick and easy ROAS analysis.

Fraud Protection & Detection

Customize validation rules and enable automatic blocklisting to protect ad budgets.

Data Export

Export data to CSV files or transfer data to cloud storages and third-party marketing tools.
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