Marketing Analytics

Measure and analyze everything

Real-time data for all reporting purposes in a single centralized dashboard, from impressions, conversions, uninstalls, cost aggregation, and revenue.

A unified performance report for all metrics

Granular analytics made possible

Choose from over 40 basic metrics including click, impression, install, signup and purchase as well as custom metrics. Unlock insights into campaign performance, fraud detection and app uninstall leveraging 1.5x more metrics than existing tools in the market.

Customizable dashboard for all reporting purposes

Visualize your marketing performance data in formats that fit your reporting needs. You can perform in-depth analysis with over 200 criteria, among which you can multi-select up to five.

Discover the missing piece behind explosive ROI

An extra layer of depth to your retention measurement

Find out which channels, campaigns and creatives are bringing you the most loyal users. Configure your reports with properties such as start and return events, groups and filters, and cohorts.

Speed up your cohort retention analysis

With Luft, our proprietary OLAP database for real-time user behavior analytics, Airbridge performs cohort retention analysis 20x faster than existing tools in the market. Process tens of terabytes of data in less than ten seconds.
Funnel Report

Create the perfect user journey to boost conversions

Understand user behaviours with Funnel Report

Analyze user conversion funnels with attribution data and dive deeper with metrics such as conversion rate, drop off, and average time to convert.

Build granular multi-step funnels and custom cohorts

Customize event-based user cohorts and create multi-step funnels to identify conversion patterns.
Trend & Active Users

Performance data, visualized

Trend Report

Quickly study user acquisition, conversion, and engagement trends across web and mobile through a visualization of hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trend lines.

Active Users Report

Observe trends across your active and paying users and the resulting revenue, ARPU, and ARPPU for a set period of your choice.
We track crucial metrics such as active users, revenue and retention every day using Airbridge. The best part is that we get a unified view of our performance without the hassle of jumping around different channels.”
Minyoung Jun, CEO, WHOYAHO CORP.
Airbridge has the most intuitive UI/UX compared to its competitors and other MMPs.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT

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