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Analyze your data from every angle using the market's most flexible dashboard, powered by over 200 ultra-detailed metrics. Pinpoint what's driving or stopping your success.
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What’s driving user acquisition and conversions?

Discover the best performing strategies from with cross-platform visibility of user journeys from first click to first purchase.
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How are users engaging with your app?

Gain insights into your most engaged and high-value users. Get granular breakdowns of key metrics such as ARPU, ARPPU, and ARPDAU across different platforms.
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How much revenue does each user generate?

Track revenue generated by users who installed or interacted with deep links, analyzing across various timeframes, metrics, campaigns, and countries. Plus, leverage our predictive lifetime value (pLTV) feature to identify users with high spending potential.
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How often do your users visit your app?

Analyze cohort retention across timeframes grouped by channel, campaign, or country. Our predictive lifetime (pLT) feature helps predict churn and optimize your retention strategy by estimating users’ revisit frequency.
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Where are your users dropping off?

Pinpoint obstacles in your funnel by monitoring time-to-complete and conversion events at each stage of the user journey. Use data-driven insights to guide users seamlessly through the entire funnel, enhancing the overall user experience.
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Get the visibility you need

With a unified dashboard that tracks user journeys across mobile apps, web, and PC, you can:
Identify top performers in real-time.
Measure subscription from install, paid subscription, to churn.
Understand key metrics including LTV, ROAS, revenue, retention, funnel conversion, and more across platforms.
Slice data by cohort, device, location, OS, platform, and timeframe, ranging from minute-level granularity to monthly intervals.
Analyze in-app events in depth through SDK or S2S integration.

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