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privacy-first measurement

Airbridge is a unified measurement tool for banking, payment, and investment apps.
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Your user data is safe.

Adhere to global standards of privacy and security

In the finance industry, data protection is not just a key competitive advantage but a prerequisite for existing in the business. Airbridge has surpassed the rigorous standards to be ISO/IEC 27001 certified.
In addition, Airbridge allows role-based access control and two-factor authentication which adds an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, you can confirm who accessed your data via User Activity History and make sure your company’s assets and users’ data are always secure.
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Connect the dots between web and app.

Ideal user experiences on every platform

Digital financial services are used daily on both web and app, and it is essential to provide reliable and seamless user experiences on all platforms. Engage users across all channels and campaigns by embedding powerful deep links that support smooth web-to-app transition and keep your users coming back for more.
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The best part of Airbridge is that they really take user's feedback very seriously and have them applied on their product updates whenever possible.”
Sean L., Product Owner, Alarmy

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