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Maximize ROI, engagement, and retention, while ensuring security and control over your data. Keep in compliance without compromising performance.
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Security and privacy as a first

Keep your data safe and secure. Airbridge is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, fully compliant with the world's highest standard for information security management systems. Further enhance security with features like role-based access, two-factor authentication, and user activity history for tracking data access.

Monitor ROI holistically, in real-time

Get full visibility into your users' cross-platform journey, spanning from the initial click to the first loan across mobile, web, and desktop. Delve into over 200 actionable metrics covering retention, revenue, engagement, and more. Then, break them down by campaigns, creatives, cohorts, search keywords, and minute-based timeframes for detailed analysis.

Enhance the onboarding experience

Leverage deep links to enhance conversion rates when running sign-up promotion ads. Direct users who click on ads to the desired in-app onboarding page that concludes with bonuses on their first loan or trade.

Report up and across

Use ShareLink to automatically deliver updated data feeds on an hourly basis to Google Sheets. Inspire collaborative analysis among cross-functional teams with the most up-to-date data, or combine it with external data for advanced analysis and deeper insights.

Track the right moves

With a unified dashboard that tracks user journeys across mobile apps, web, and PC, you can:
Identify top performers in real-time by comparing mobile apps, mobile web, and PC web events in a single view.
Track deep link opens, web events, web-assisted app installs, and web-to-app conversion.
Measure the financial journey progression from install, to account open, first loan, and more.
Understand key metrics including first loan, link bank account rate, n-day retention, CPI, ROI, and more.
Slice data by cohort, device, location, OS, platform, and timeframe, ranging from minute-level granularity to monthly intervals.

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