Audience Manager
Create, analyze, and grow your audiences
With Airbridge's Luft Engine, audience creation is customizable down to the most granular property and computed 20x faster than other platforms.
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Luft engine is optimized for lightning speed and accuracy
Blazing fast and 20x faster than other platforms.
Create audiences
faster in under
10 seconds.
Define and
create with ease
Choose from multiple properties to filter a specific segment of your audience. Once created, the audience group will be automatically saved for future analysis, recomputation, reselection, and reintegration.
Easy management
and integration
Export for internal analysis or integrate with third-party platforms for retargeting and lookalike audience creation.
Optimize targeting with Airbridge audience manager
Customer G, a financial corporation, planned to run a targeted marketing campaign for a new product towards a specific user group. With Airbridge's luft engine, they were able to create an audience, and integrate it with ad platforms for lookalike audience marketing.
Measuring growth has never been this easy.
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