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Real time data ShareLink
Automatically import live data feeds into Google Sheets using ShareLink, refreshed every hour, enabling advanced collaborative analysis with the most up-to-date data.
Tracking link generator
Effortlessly create tracking links in bulk on Google Spreadsheets using our Tracking Link Generation API.
Tracking link migrator
Switching from your old MMP to Airbridge is easy.
Our Tracking Link Migrator automatically maps your old MMP links to the structure of Airbridge links. Then, using our Tracking Link Generator, convert your old MMP links to Airbridge links in bulk.
Custom domain
Easily elevate your brand with your own customized domain that is short, sweet, and memorable.
Social share preview
Control how your URL will share on social media. Choose to automatically load your URL’s OG data for visual previews, including title, description, and image or customize them yourself.

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