Data Export
Do more with data available in real-time
Export and store extensive mobile and web log data for deeper analysis.
Complete flexibility with a variety of data types
Export 200+ types of log data from Airbridge web SDK, app SDK, tracking links, and Airbridge Device ID. Airbridge Device ID includes GAID, IDFA, IDFV and random generated ID.
Have full control over your data
Download data as a CSV file from Airbridge’s easy-to-use dashboard. You can configure and review before sharing to make sure you have properly selected the right information.
Send your data to cloud storages
Raw data from Airbridge can be automatically transferred to leading cloud storages and third-party marketing tools for further analysis.
Integrated cloud storages
GCP Cloud Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Also recommended for you
Measure and analyze everything
Real-time data for all reporting purposes in a single centralized dashboard, from impressions, conversions, uninstalls, cost aggregation, and revenue.
Reach the right audience blazing fast
Engage users with the right message at the right time. Audience creation is customizable down to the most granular property.
From support to success
Full-fledged support from experts with extensive experience in performance marketing, growth hacking, and ad-tech.
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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