ROAS Measurement

Cost, conversion, revenue in one view

Understand how every marketing dollar you spend impacts your growth with easy-to-understand, centralized cost aggregation and revenue reporting.
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Measure campaign delivery at a glance

Ditch spreadsheet downloads and dashboard hopping. View and analyze all your ad spend and monetization data in one platform. Airbridge automatically connects and combines your cost data from multiple sources with attribution data.

Gain granular insights on monetization

Analyze important monetization metrics like ROAS, ARPU, and ARPPU at the right level of granularity. Slice and dice by channel, campaign, ad group, ad creative and more.

Analyze your revenue by cohorts

Understand your revenue breakdown between users and paying users on a daily basis. Plus, our predictive lifetime value (pLTV) powered by our cohort analysis engine, LUFT, helps you identify high-value user by estimating user’s potential spending.

Integrated ad channels

Easily connect with hundreds of data sources. Explore our list of integrated ad channels.
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