Fraud Protection

Defend against mobile ad fraud

Protect your spend against ever-evolving threats. Go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Customize your fraud strategy with granular validation rules that configure the system to work for your business.
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Personalize your fraud thresholds

Combat ad fraud by configuring validation rules tailored to your business. Set prevention levels for each rule to ensure accurate measurement and reporting, safeguarding against wasted budgets.
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Fight fraud on all fronts

Airbridge’s comprehensive fraud solutions detect and prevent all prevalent and emerging fraud tactics.
Click injection
Fraudsters manipulate last-click attribution to steal credit from the actual source of an install.
Install hijacking
Fraudsters use malware to hijack credit for another ad network’s install.
Click flooding
Fraudster fire off extremely large volumes of clicks in hopes of taking credit for the last click before an app install happens.
SDK spoofing
A high-end masquerading technique, fraudsters create legitimate-looking installs using real device data to fake genuine app interactions.
Device farms
Fraudsters manually perform actions such as clicks, views, and installs to falsely inflate engagement activities.
Device ID reset
Fraudster repeatedly reset mobile device IDs, creating the illusions that each device is a ‘new user’ even after repeated ad clicks, installs and in-app engagements.

Fortify your defense strategy

Conversion traffic
Identify fraudulent conversions using the mobile device information from which they occurred. Detect and block conversions irrelevant to your campaign, before attribution, based on country, language, OS and more.
IP blocklisting
Block IP addresses that are either suspicious or have been confirmed as fraudulent. Traffic generated by blocked IPs is automatically eliminated, keeping your data accurate and reliable.
Frequency capping
Prevent fraudulent practices by setting custom frequency caps within a set time frame. For example, you can identify and block activities from devices and IPs that exceed 10 clicks per minute.
Lag time report
Identify common fraud tactics, such as click injection and click spamming, by monitoring unusual patterns in the time lag between touchpoints and app installs.

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