Web + App Unified Attribution

Measure every action, attribute every outcome.

Mobile Attribution

No more going back and forth chasing data. Get everything in one dashboard.

Full visibility into your mobile performance

Analyze performance with real-time data: impressions, clicks, conversions, retention, uninstalls, cost aggregation, revenue, and more. Do more with raw data by downloading or exporting to external cloud storages.

Create, measure, and understand user journeys

Deploy powerful deep links that smoothly redirect users to the right destinations while attributing conversion credits to touchpoints.

Customizable lookback windows for accuracy

Attribution lookback windows for app installs and in-app events can be customized at the channel level from 5 minutes to 30 days to suit your needs.

Integrate using the latest frameworks

Escape the pain of direct integration. Airbridge provides native Android and iOS SDKs as well as React Native, Flutter, Unity, and Expo SDKs.
The Actuals Report allows us to monitor both web and app data across Android and iOS in any format we want, saving us the hassle of switching back and forth between multiple platforms.”
Jongseok Park, COO, D.code
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Web Attribution

View all your web traffic inflow and web event data in one dashboard.

A complete view of your web performance

See how each channel or campaign is driving your desktop and mobile web performance. Download or export raw data from your dashboard for further analysis.

Optimize campaigns with dynamic parameters

Analyze web events, app installs and web-to-app conversions all at once through web SDK integration. Airbridge’s tracking links include dynamic parameters that effectively track web campaigns on certain channels.

Automated UTM tracking

Airbridge’s web SDK parses tracking links and stores UTM values as campaign parameters to auto-identify the campaigns that refer traffic.
Web-to-App Attribution

Streamline your cross-platform tracking and identify web campaigns that trigger the most app installs and in-app events.

Redirect users and capture web-to-app conversions

Provide seamless web-to-app user experiences by adding various types of CTA buttons with deep links embedded. Attribute web-to-app conversions to specific channels and campaigns.
With great insight and viability, campaign optimization becomes very fast and easy.
Jeff, Product Manager, Kakao VX

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