How d.code used web-to-app attribution to boost conversion rate


d.code is a ‘fashion pre-order platform’ realizing future-oriented value consumption experience. 

  • To control the proportion of app and web campaigns to increase conversion rate
  • Identifying data distributed over different media at a glance 
  • Integral tracking and performance analysis of app and web channels
  • Analysis with high degree of freedom through Actuals, Incrementality, and other reports from Airbridge
  • Identification of performance for each media through unified criteria and optimization of media mix 

d.code provided by Ncode is a ‘fashion pre-order platform’ bringing future-oriented value consumption experience for consumers. A pre-order system is a system in which the platform takes orders for the upcoming season as soon as possible and consumers are able to receive goods produced from the order. To d.code, the pre-order system is something beyond simply selling products in advance. Rather, it has become a core value of fundamentally resolving environmental problems and creating a culture of sustainable consumption by minimizing inventory. 


d.code had been operating on both the app and the web. Yet, the company had been experiencing difficulties in measuring integrated data from both channels. Therefore, they started searching for a solution to integrally measure and analyze data from all channels. Also, since they had no choice but to rely on media reports for measuring marketing performance, there were limitations to data-based decision making due to fragmented marketing data. 


Boosted Conversion Rate Through Data Tracking Across the App and the Web

d.code is a service with a great amount of app activities, with 80% of sales generated from the app. For that reason, d.code came up with the hypothesis that frequent app installation campaigns were a must to increase sales, focusing 70% of its budget on app installation promotion ads  on Facebook attaining low CPI. 

However, integral measurement and analysis through tracking across both the app and  web with Airbridge revealed that users acquired through app installation campaigns were not actually making many purchases. Rather, users acquired through campaigns driving traffic to the web often installed the app and purchased products after sufficiently examining the website. Based on such insight, d.code was able to optimize its campaign by reducing the proportion of app campaigns and boosting order conversion rate. In fact, all of the campaigns carried out by d.code on Facebook are all contributing considerably to the purchase conversion rate on the app although they are web campaigns. 

“Many attribution tools focus on the app. However, we chose to use Airbridge in many of our activities since it supports tracking across both the web and the app.” - Jong-Seok Park, COO at Ncode 

Highly Customizable Analysis Provided by Airbridge Reports 

Airbridge provides a highly customizable dashboard compared to other MMPs, and it is possible to examine all data provided by Airbridge in desired format. d.code is utilizing data in many different ways such as examining the web and the app simultaneously or examining them separately through Airbridge Actuals report. Retention report and Touchpoints Analysis, and the recently released Incrementality report are some of the most frequently used Airbridge functions used by d.code. 

Unified performance reporting on the marketing performance in one dashboard

Before using Airbridge, d.code relied mostly on fragmented media reports for data-based decision making. However, it was made possible for d.code to view unified metrics and the performance of ads across all channels in one dashboard and to analyze attribution  data to operate different media channels. Furthermore, although d.code wanted to expand marketing channels from not only Facebook, Instagram, and Google UAC to NCPI, the company was reluctant to do so because lack of tracking ability made it difficult to accurately measure various performance for each channel including retention rate. Using Airbridge made it possible to test the effectiveness of various media, leading to continued use of media with good performance.

Mobile attribution solutions have become an absolute must in data-based marketing since the media channels used by consumers are becoming more diversified. While consumption used to be focused on specific few channels, the trend of consumption has changed greatly with the maturity of the online market and diversification of consumption channels focused on social media platforms. With the increased number of media channels to carry out marketing campaigns, marketing managers experience difficulty in marketing if they do not have proper mobile attribution software. Analysis based on only the reports provided by the media or last touchpoints could cause many important linkages to be lost.

“We had concerns about data mix-up and data consistency before using Airbridge. However, one year of using Airbridge provided us with ease of using the solution thanks to the speedy support by Customer Success Manager(CSM) and quick responses made to our function-related requests by Airbridge’s development team. Also, since we did not experience the issues that we were concerned with experiencing, we were provided full stability. Based on our experience, we recommend you to use Airbridge. To give you a concrete example, we didn’t receive organic user data through Airbridge when we first started using Airbridge. When we made a request for this data, Airbridge kindly developed the function we needed quickly so that we are benefitting from this function today.” - Jong-Seok Park, COO at Ncode 
Final thoughts

d.code’s goal is to achieve a consumer culture in which pre-ordering is common. The pre-order system lets consumers purchase products at relatively lower prices, and provides them with the opportunity to try on new products before others do. The company also aims to expand its offerings to high-end luxuries including food items, furniture, cosmetic products and other lifestyle products.

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