Airbridge Handbook 01: Digital Marketing Attribution

Do you know which advertisement drove the most app installs last week? Which marketing channel enables you to run the most effective campaign? Being able to answer these questions is a prerequisite to marketing optimization.

Attribution, which refers to the process of determining the marketing interaction that led to a desired outcome, helps you answer the questions above. In other words, with attribution, you can measure marketing performance and maximize efficiency.

From the reason why attribution is an essential part of mobile marketing to the various types of attribution models and the future of attribution, this handbook covers the fundamentals that should not be missed.

What’s inside:
  • The essentials of attribution to improve your marketing performance
  • How different approaches to attribution, such as the last-touch model, multi-touch model, and marketing mix model, evaluate ad effectiveness
  • How to adapt to the changing trends and complexities of attribution

The Airbridge Handbook series is here to elevate your understanding of AdTech and MarTech. Use this as a trusted guide for your journey of implementing technology in planning, executing, and measuring campaigns, and ultimately becoming more proactive. Stay tuned for more and be ahead of the curve!

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