Click redirection
Click redirection
Click redirection (or automatic redirection) is the use of a script to redirect users who click on an ad to a different website or landing page than originally intended.

What is click redirection?

Click redirection (or automatic redirection), in the context of mobile ad fraud, refers to the use of a script to redirect users who click on an ad to a different website or landing page. This kind of fraud is commonly found on the mobile web. Click redirections artificially inflate ad metrics and make it appear as though the ad is more successful than it actually is, allowing the publisher to gain financial benefits from the fraud.

What is the mechanism behind click redirection?

The mechanism behind click redirection is the use of scripts or codes that redirect users who click on a link or advertisement on a website. These scripts can be placed on the publisher's website or embedded in the ad itself. When a user clicks on the link or advertisement, the script is triggered and redirects the user to a different webpage, typically a third-party page, without the user's knowledge or consent. This can be done in a number of ways, such as by using HTTP redirects, HTML meta refresh tags, or JavaScript code.

How can mobile marketers prevent click redirection?

To combat click redirection fraud, mobile marketers can use an MMP like Airbridge to verify clicks and detect bots to ensure that their ad campaigns are not affected. An MMP can detect and prevent fraudulent clicks by analyzing patterns in user behavior, such as click location, time, and frequency. Additionally, it's important for mobile marketers to work with trusted and reputable publishers and ad networks, as well as to continuously monitor and adjust their ad campaigns.

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