Fraud Protection & Detection
Ensure data reliability for critical business decisions
Protect your marketing budget from ad fraud with customizable validation rules.
Guard against ad fraud
Airbridge shields your data from all kinds of fraud.
Reject fraudulent traffic before it affects your reporting and pay only for real conversions. Airbridge provides fraud detection reports so you can evaluate your media sources objectively.
Personalize your fraud prevention
Customize fraud validation rules to suit your business needs. For each rule, you can apply one of the three levels: “Mark as Fraud”, “Disable Postback”, and “Disable Attribution”.
Conversion Traffic
Catch fraudulent attacks using device conversion information as the indicator. Conversions from an irrelevant country, for instance, would be reported.
IP Blocklisting
Detect fraud based on the touchpoint’s IP address. Traffic from blocked IP addresses are automatically sorted out, keeping your data safe.
Frequency Capping
Mark touchpoints over specific thresholds as fraudulent. For example, you can exclude conversions from a device that has triggered more than ten clicks in less than a minute.
Monitor fraudulent activities in real-time
Airbridge’s Lag Time Report analyzes “touchpoint to install time” to track down suspicious anomalies such as click injection and click spamming.
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