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Transcending boundaries: Airbridge unveils PC & Console Tracking for cross-platform mastery
March 28, 2024
Dana Kang

Imagine seamlessly transitioning from playing a game on a console at your friend's to continuing the adventure on your smartphone on your way home and, finally, wrapping up the quest on your computer. Sounds easy and convenient, doesn't it? More and more games are going cross-platform, and consequently, the need for comprehensive cross-platform measurement is increasing.

Yet, cross-platform measurement poses a challenge. Each platform—whether mobile, PC, or console—acts as a fortified castle, creating boundaries for marketers. While users effortlessly move between platforms, marketers must embark on a solitary quest, navigating these boundaries like adventurers, to measure ad performance effectively.

Enter Airbridge, a trusted companion in this epic journey, unveiling its latest innovation: PC & Console Tracking. At its core lies three powerful skills, each essential for conquering cross-platform measurement.

Skill #1: Mastering the art of data collection

To effectively measure cross-platform performance, Airbridge gathers data from disparate sources across platforms, just as adventurers collect treasures scattered across vast landscapes. Given the varying data formats and transfer methods, a thorough approach is a must. That’s why Airbridge employs a combination of tracking links, SDKs, APIs, and more to collect data.

In addition, the more users move between platforms, the harder it becomes to track their journey. After collecting rich data comes connecting scattered pieces of user data—from ad interactions to in-game activities and identifiers. It’s like piecing together a fragmented map, a near-impossible task.

Undeterred, Airbridge forges ahead. With advanced attribution methods and strong data collection capabilities, Airbridge expertly completes the user journey.

Skill #2: Leveraging the power of intuitive analytics

Armed with a trove of data, marketers face the next obstacle: deciphering the data. Airbridge presents all the data in a real-time unified dashboard, which is equipped with a range of charts and tables that can transform cross-platform complexities into simple clarity.

Get started with the Actuals Report to gain a granular view of various user actions at the channel, campaign, and platform level. For instance, you can see how many times your game was installed on mobile and PC, or how many of your mobile users purchased an item. Or use the Active Users Report to track key metrics such as DAUs, WAUs, MAUs, paying users, revenue, ARPU, and ARPPU—all conveniently presented in one place.

Airbridge empowers marketers to extract actionable insights, enabling timely and informed decisions critical for cross-platform success. Easily visualize how your marketing efforts are contributing to your game’s growth.

Skill #3: Exploring the new frontiers of internet cafes

According to Newzoo, South Korea boasts the world’s fourth-largest game market, after the US, China, and Japan, despite its smaller population. Internet cafes, also known as cybercafes or PC bangs, play a pivotal role in the country’s gaming landscape. In 2023, more than a quarter of South Korean gamers reported visiting internet cafes nine or more times per month on average.

Given such prevalence, the Airbridge team embarked on an ambitious endeavor—to measure ad performance among users who play games in both their personal spaces and public gaming spaces. How do you complete the user journey if the user views an ad in an internet cafe and installs the game on their personal PC at home, or views an ad on their smartphone and plays the game at an internet cafe?

After months of rigorous testing with leading game developers, Airbridge’s cross-platform measurement proved its effectiveness within the dynamic environment of South Korean internet cafes. This serves as evidence of Airbridge’s readiness to operate in diverse settings. Airbridge's pursuit of the “ultimate" cross-platform measurement extends beyond not only platforms but also the physical locations, presenting marketers with unprecedented opportunities to engage their target audience.

Let’s transcend the boundaries, together

The Airbridge team doesn’t stop here; we’re looking for more boundaries to transcend so that we can propel marketers toward fresh horizons of success. With Airbridge PC & Console Tracking, marketers can chart new territories and seize opportunities wherever they may arise. Join on this epic quest for cross-platform marketing mastery with Airbridge by your side.

Book a demo today and transform your cross-platform marketing.

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Dana Kang
Product Marketing Manager
Dana is Airbridge’s Product Marketing Manager. Responsible for Airbridge’s blog, social media, and newsletter, she is passionate about building brand visibility through data-driven content.
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