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Maximize ROI in a privacy-first world with Airbridge’s MMM Studio
May 25, 2023
Dana Kang

In this era of economic downturn and privacy concerns, mobile marketers face daunting challenges in measuring campaign performance. That is why Airbridge has created MMM Studio, a self-service marketing mix modeling platform.

This game-changing launch gives you the power to make confident decisions based on a holistic assessment of your campaign effectiveness. Get ready to embrace a new level of success with MMM Studio in the evolving landscape of mobile marketing.

Accepting challenges, unleashing opportunities

Amidst the ongoing global economic recession, the importance of ROI-driven marketing has reached unprecedented heights. Businesses today must ascertain whether their digital marketing efforts actually propel them toward their revenue objectives.

Privacy regulations have posed additional challenges to mobile marketers. Limited access to data has cast a veil over their view, impeding their ability to gain the user-level granularity necessary for accurate measurement.

But as Stephen Hawking said, “If you feel you’re in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out.” MMM, or marketing mix modeling, enables marketers to track and optimize while offsetting any loss against the lack of performance signals.

In fact, MMM has already been around us for decades and proved its usefulness. It was the technological complexity and the exorbitant costs involved that held it back from any wider adoption.

Airbridge, a mobile measurement partner, believed we could unlock its potential and develop it as a way to complement current measurement methods highly reliant on user-level data. With a wealth of market data, years of measurement experience, and the latest technology in our hands, we created an MMM solution that is about to turn the tide.

MMM Studio: the future of marketing mix modeling

Airbridge’s MMM Studio bridges the gap between data and strategy, allowing marketers to measure and optimize even with the demise of third-party cookies and identifiers. It eliminates guesswork with regained performance visibility and predictive ROI analysis.

Moreover, we made a deliberate choice to provide marketers with complete transparency and control over the entire process, from onboarding and modeling to reporting. Our self-service platform with three main capabilities makes MMM simpler and faster, mobile marketing easier and clearer.

Model Configuration

Get started by creating models perfectly tailored to your marketing goals and business needs. All you have to do is to upload your historical data in CSV file format, and MMM Studio does the heavy lifting.

A custom marketing mix model is built and trained in under 10 minutes based on a comprehensive analysis of your ad spend by medium, ad impressions and clicks, app installs, and revenue over a six-month period. Ingest contextual data about promotion, country, and holidays for extra accuracy, and you’re good to go.

Performance Tracker

Gain the most complete picture of your campaign performance across app and web, and traditionally hard-to-measure ad media such as TV, billboards, and radio. Leveraging aggregate data that remains unaffected by privacy changes, Performance Tracker helps you assess whether your marketing efforts are driving incremental growth.

Airbridge’s MMM Studio stands out in that it accurately tracks the impact of organic traffic. Visualize the trends of your eCPI, eCPA, eROAS, and eROI by channel over time to identify the real-world user acquisition costs. Filtering options at the country and OS levels also allow for targeted analysis that is beyond comparison.

Budget Optimizer

Discover weekly and monthly budget plans with maximum efficiency. By putting your original and optimized ad spend in tandem, the report highlights where adjustments are needed to improve your future performance.

Powered by advanced machine learning, Budget Optimizer uses predictive capabilities to recommend the most effective media mix within your set budget. You can extract actionable insights about resource allocation and ultimately increase ROI.

Some more advancements to come

Take note of highly anticipated features that are to be rolled out in the coming months.

  • Simulator will allow you to experiment with multiple budgeting scenarios and view the predictive performance result using your custom models, allowing for strategic planning.
  • Insight Plus will provide enhanced analytical capabilities, delivering information on the carry-over effect by channel, response curves by channel, and more.

With these cutting-edge additions on the horizon, Airbridge’s MMM Studio is poised to introduce an era of hassle-free, privacy-resilient mobile measurement.

Future-proof your growth with Airbridge

Since September 2022, Airbridge has undergone an extensive beta testing phase, collaborating with a select group of partners from the gaming and commerce industries. We have worked closely with enterprises and startups alike, ensuring that our MMM solution caters to app businesses of all sizes.

Now, with great excitement, we are proud to present MMM Studio to everyone, opening up new possibilities for marketing optimization. We would like to express our gratitude to our beta test partners, who truly recognized the role of MMM in enhancing their marketing efforts and placed trust in Airbridge’s technical prowess.

Our Chief Product Officer, Hunjae Jung, says, “With a mission to help marketers around the world discover their true sources of growth, we never doubted it was our job to develop a privacy-preserving measurement solution. MMM Studio helps mobile marketers navigate the ever-changing landscape with unparalleled insights, and it is the culmination of our unwavering dedication to customer success.”

Integrate marketing mix modeling into your growth stack. Reap the power of unified measurement. Turn challenges into opportunities.

Try MMM Studio today.

Get your copy of MMM essentials:
👉 Marketing Mix Modeling: The Privacy-First Mobile Measurement Method
👉 Marketing Mix Modeling in Action: Tips from the Pros

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Dana Kang
Product Marketing Manager
Dana is Airbridge’s Product Marketing Manager. Responsible for Airbridge’s blog, social media, and newsletter, she is passionate about building brand visibility through data-driven content.
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