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Airbridge is now supporting Meta Install Referrer
November 23, 2023
Amy Kim

Airbridge’s app install reporting on Meta Android Campaigns is improving. We have been working closely with Meta on the implementation of a new solution called Meta install referrer and are excited to announce the roll out will begin by 23rd November 2023. We will now be able to share install-level reporting on additional measurement use cases by leveraging this tool.

What is Meta install referrer?

Meta install referrer is an Android-specific measurement solution that is designed to help attribute views and clicks to the correlating app download. This means that it supports same-session click-through attribution as well as use cases that are unsupported by Google Play Install Referrer: most view-through attribution and cross session click-through attribution. 

What is the user flow?

As part of the user’s ad exposure and conversion journey, when a user views or clicks on an advertiser's app install ad on Meta's app (e.g., Facebook or Instagram), Meta's app encrypts and logs the relevant ad campaign metadata in Meta app's local storage layer on-device.

Once the resulting install completes, when the user first opens the app, Airbridge SDK will read Meta install referrer data from the local storage layer on a device and use it for attribution measurement.

How does this help?

This is good news for advertisers, as you will now see a more complete picture of your Meta Android Campaigns performance. This is because we anticipate that the volume of unattributed installs in your reports will reduce and instead be shared as view-through or non same session click-through installs. This will be available both through Airbridge reporting and through our Raw Data feature.

How does Meta install referrer work in conjunction with Google Play Install Referrer?

We will replicate the same process we used for Google Play Install Referrer, which involves a decryption key. If you haven’t set up Install Referrer yet, please see our instructions here. We only use one of the 3 ways to attribute across Meta install referrer, Google Play Install Referrer and Self Attributing Network claims, so it should be automatically deduplicated. So customers should be reassured that both aggregate and user-level output will not contain duplication.

How to view the Install Referrer data in Airbridge

To enable Meta Install Referrer with Airbridge, ensure that the latest version of the Airbridge Android SDK is pre-installed in your app. Your developer must properly configure the Airbridge Android SDK by setting the decryption key to collect Meta Install Referrer data. Refer to our SDK Guide on Meta install Referrer settings here.

Once the SDK is set, Set up the Install Referrer Decryption Key according to our User Guide documentation. Additionally, feel free to reach out to your Airbridge Customer Success Manager (CSM) for personalized assistance. We are dedicated to helping you maximize the benefits of integrating Meta Install Referrer into your app.


• Is there support for iOS?

No, iOS does not have an equivalent to the Meta install referrer mechanism.

• When is Meta install referrer applicable for attribution?

  ‣ Install attribution 
  - Click-through attribution for all campaigns
  - View-through attribution for all Advantage+ App Campaigns and Manual App Promotion Campaigns with broad targeting (e.g. where age, gender are set to default)
  ‣ Does not include campaigns redirecting to landing pages

• How does Meta install referrer factor into Airbridge’s attribution waterfall?
Refer to our User Guide documentation on the attribution logic. 
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Amy Kim
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