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Firebase Dynamic Links shutting down? Here’s a better option
June 1, 2023
Dana Kang
⚠️ Disclaimer: This blog post was last updated in August 2023. Please note that it may contain some information that has to be revised in accordance with Google’s latest announcements.

Firebase, the mobile platform by Google, has been widely used by marketers and developers seeking to streamline their growth strategies. Among its array of powerful features, Dynamic Links has long served as a go-to deep linking solution in the industry.

Dynamic Links send users to specific locations within an app rather than just opening the app’s main page. By providing a seamless, consistent, and relevant journey across different platforms with these smart URLs, apps can build exceptional user experiences and win trust.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Google has recently announced the impending shutdown of Firebase Dynamic Links. While marketers and developers will have time until August 2025 to migrate, this decision has prompted many to look for other solutions and rethink their app’s future.

An alternative that surpasses Firebase Dynamic Links

App Links and Universal Links are some of the technologies designed to handle deep linking on mobile devices. Yet, Airbridge deep links have stronger advantages over these and others to effectively replace Firebase Dynamic Links.

Point #1: Does Airbridge offer advanced deep linking features?

Yes, Airbridge has all the necessary tools and infrastructure to effectively incorporate deep linking into your growth strategies.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Airbridge deep links:

  • Boost user satisfaction with personalized experiences. Airbridge deep links can include a string of parameters that reflect the user’s preferences, location, referral source, device type, and more. This gives you the ability to land users on specific pages and provide with a more bespoke app onboarding experience.
  • Bridge the gap between offline and online, web and app, and even Android and iOS. The cross-platform compatibility allows you to embed Airbridge deep links anywhere you want, whether it be social media, emails, or in-store QR codes, to create a unified and reliable user experience.
  • Increase conversion rates through deferred deep linking, which takes users who have not yet installed your app first to the app store and then to the intended in-app location. Such deferment eliminates the user’s hassle of post-install content searching and simplifies the path to purchase. In case the user leaves the app store without installing, Airbridge will redirect the user to the web fallback equivalent to the in-app page.
  • Tailor the look and feel of your deep links for brand consistency. With Airbridge, you can customize the slug, as well as the preview title, description, and image, with just a few clicks. This helps you to familiarize your target audience with your brand and earn their trust.
  • Generate, manage, and export deep links in bulk using API or Google Spreadsheet. Airbridge offers a centralized system to save your time and effort from manually creating individual deep links for each in-app page.

Point #2: Does Airbridge have robust attribution capabilities?

Again, yes. Airbridge deep links also function as tracking links, enabling you to benefit from both the seamless redirection of deep links and the attribution capabilities of tracking links.

Airbridge, a trusted mobile measurement partner, integrates its deep linking solution with its measurement suite. By capturing data on user journeys created by deep links, spanning from the initial click to the subsequent app install, Airbridge tracks and measures campaign performance, providing you with insights necessary to optimize strategies and achieve growth.

There are even more advanced features to elevate your attribution accuracy. For instance, you can customize attribution windows to suit your needs, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 days. The Airbridge SDK parses tracking links and stores the UTM values as campaign parameters, effortlessly identifying the campaigns driving traffic to your app.

Point #3: Does Airbridge provide integrated analytics?

Airbridge is a unified platform that combines deep linking, mobile attribution, and marketing analytics to provide a holistic view of user behavior. You have a wide variety of reports and metrics to choose from to analyze your data and gain real-time visibility into your marketing effectiveness. Hence, yes, Airbridge is the comprehensive solution you have been looking for.

We understand how difficult it is to survive in the rapidly-changing mobile industry, and our goal is to take a weight off your shoulders. Setting up Airbridge is the easiest – just integrate a single SDK for all services. You can also run Airbridge alongside Firebase as you plan for migration, and there will be SLA-backed technical support to resolve any problems you encounter in the process.

We got your back. Request an Airbridge demo today to navigate through this change and continue your mobile success.

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Dana Kang
Product Marketing Manager
Dana is Airbridge’s Product Marketing Manager. Responsible for Airbridge’s blog, social media, and newsletter, she is passionate about building brand visibility through data-driven content.
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