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Airbridge joins Google’s App Attribution Partner program
January 16, 2023
Dana Kang

We are delighted to kick off the new year with exciting news: Airbridge has been named an App Attribution Partner with Google!

A platform with 4.3 billion users worldwide and 5.4 billion search queries a day, Google without doubt plays a pivotal role in acquiring and engaging high-value app users. In addition, Google has led the privacy-first transformation in recent years, introducing new tools to improve ad campaigns while protecting user privacy.

Google awards its App Attribution Partner badge to a select group of market leaders who have met rigorous standards and respect user privacy, ensuring it offers customers reliable measurement and accurate attribution of Google Ads campaign performance.

Airbridge, now a fully certified Google App Attribution Partner, can better help marketers make informed decisions when working with Google Ads. They will be able to run campaigns through easier setup and identify the marketing activities that are most valuable for their business based on rich data. In addition to campaign measurement and optimization, marketers will have early access to new features as they become available from Google.

“We’re pleased to formally expand our partnership with Google and cooperate for the success of our mutual customers,” said Roi Nam, CEO and co-founder of Airbridge. “The App Attribution Partner badge proves how committed we are to providing best-in-class campaign reporting. Our mission to help marketers around the world discover their true sources of growth fits in perfectly with this program, and we look forward to offering advanced mobile attribution insights and a full understanding of the user journey to our customers with an upgraded integration for Google Ads.”

Airbridge is a powerful, user-friendly, and unified measurement solution that helps marketers boost their mobile app installs and user engagement. With unparalleled insights incorporating Last-Touch Attribution (LTA), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Incrementality measurement, and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), Airbridge enables marketers to gain accurate measurement insights at different stages of their marketing cycle even in a privacy-first environment.

Not only does Airbridge employ diverse measurement approaches, it also provides a comprehensive view of marketing performance across web and app, Android and iOS, and SKAdNetwork and non-SKAdNetwork, all in a single unified dashboard. Other tools such as deep linking, marketing analytics, audience manager, and fraud protection also contribute to maximizing mobile growth.

If you would like to know more about Airbridge, visit our website or schedule a meeting with our mobile app marketing experts today. You can also check out our blog for the latest ad-tech trends and insights.

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Dana Kang
Product Marketing Manager
Dana is Airbridge’s Product Marketing Manager. Responsible for Airbridge’s blog, social media, and newsletter, she is passionate about building brand visibility through data-driven content.
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