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Do more with data available in real-time

Export and store extensive mobile and web log data for deeper analysis.
Connect the dots between web and app

Web-to-app, the key to mobile growth

Both web and app play a crucial role in e-commerce user acquisition, with the first serving as the gateway and the latter as the destination. As users roam around different platforms, you need a unified view of the web and app to see the full picture of campaign performance and plan an ideal cross-channel budget.

Maximize web-to-app conversion rate

Measure with our proprietary web SDK and tracking links to analyze web and app performance at once. Boost engagement and create high-converting user journeys by adding web-to-app CTA buttons with deep links embedded.
The all-in-one solution for a powerful omni-channel strategy
Proprietary Web SDK
Complete measurement of web traffic inflow and web events
Easy-to-implement web-to-app CTA buttons and tracking links
Web-specific tracking links
Dynamic parameters and UTM tracking
Understand the actual impact of marketing

Measure the incremental effect of your marketing efforts

To optimize ad spend, you need to sort out organic users who would convert even without the influence of your ads. Work with Airbridge Incrementality and identify the channel, campaign, and creative that generate incremental growth.
The MMM solution offered by Airbridge is the way to go. It is an essential tool to gain predictive insights and optimize budgets in the privacy-first era.”
Jongsoo Shin, Marketing Manager, Meliz
more installs credited to display ads with MMM than with LTA.
increase in installs expected following the prescribed budget plan.
decrease in eCPI expected following the prescribed budget plan.
Fast and convenient installation user-friendly UI/UX help users to effectively analyze the performance of various marketing channels.”
Verified User in Apparel & Fashion

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