Marketing Mix Modeling: The Privacy-First Mobile Measurement Method

How ready are you for the privacy-first era? The GDPR and CCPA already went into effect several years ago, and Apple and Google are limiting user-level tracking. With the emphasis on data privacy growing stronger in the mobile world, marketers need to future-proof their measurement strategy to continue winning in the marketplace.

Marketing mix modeling is a technique that measures ad performance without the use of any user-level data. By identifying patterns in ad spend data through machine learning, the model helps you predict ROAS and optimize future budgets.

Relying on the traditional last-touch attribution may put you in a place where you need to fill the gap of incomplete data with guesswork. Get your grip on marketing mix modeling today and stay prepared as the privacy-first mobile world continues to evolve.

What’s inside:

  • How to use marketing mix modeling to thrive in the privacy-first world
  • A step-by-step guide to the modeling process, from data preparation to model application
  • How to validate and calibrate the model to customize it to your business context

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