SKAdNetwork & ATT Solutions
Future-proof your iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork attribution
Airbridge’s SKAdNetwork & ATT solutions make it simpler to succeed on iOS while adhering to Apple’s privacy policies.
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Ready in one step
Start analyzing SKAdNetwork attribution data right after integrating Airbridge’s iOS SDK, with no further development efforts needed.
Conversion value schemes that suit your needs
A SKAdNetwork conversion value is defined by 6 bits, which only allows 64 values to map signals about a user’s post-install activity. Airbridge provides the most commonly used schemes as presets, making it easier to choose an option that best fits your app.
Unify all your data into a single dashboard
View both SKAdNetwork and non-SKAdNetwork attribution data on a unified dashboard. Say goodbye to fragmented dashboards and hello to effortless performance analysis.
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Measure every action, attribute every outcome
Gain visibility into the performance of every campaign and channel with web and app conversion data aggregated into a unified dashboard.
Global standards in data protection
Airbridge applies multiple layers of data protection based on international security and privacy standards.
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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