Audience Management
Reach the right audience blazing fast
Engage users with the right message at the right time. Audience creation for analysis, lookalike marketing, or retargeting, is customizable down to the most granular property and computed 20x faster than existing tools in the market.
Build specific audiences for targeted campaigns
Create custom audiences who have performed specific events such as app install and signup. Tap into your first-party data and directly sync these audience segments with various ad platforms to maximize user lifetime value.
Create at scale with high speed computing
Audience management has never been this effortless. With Luft, our proprietary OLAP database, it takes only 10 seconds to create high value audiences.
Segment with varying levels of granularity
Choose from multiple properties to build audience segments. Once created, the segments are automatically saved for effective engagement.
Do more with audience integrations
Download audience data as a CSV file or auto-transfer data to your favorite ad platforms for retargeting, detargeting and lookalike creation to optimize prospecting campaigns.
Sync with your partners
Airbridge is integrated with popular ad platforms to help you target and engage your users.
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Measure every action, attribute every outcome
Gain visibility into the performance of every campaign and channel with web and app conversion data aggregated into a unified dashboard.
Ensure data reliability for critical business decisions
Protect your marketing budget and decision-making with complete fraud protection rules you can rely on.
Global standards in data protection
Airbridge applies multiple layers of data protection based on international security and privacy standards.
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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