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Building Great Web-to-App Experiences
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A mobile acquisition campaign that weaves in great web-to-app experiences is an increasingly popular strategy to boost in-app conversions. More marketers are now utilizing the mobile web to deliver richer content and incentives to users before landing them on the app store.

A common thread across these mobile web experiences is the presence of CTA buttons that encourage users to download the mobile app or open a specific in-app page. Also known as Smart App Banners, these buttons help facilitate smooth and seamless cross-platform journeys to increase app installation and in-app conversion rates.

In partnership with App Growth Network, Airbridge has explored the types of web-to-app strategies and how you can build the best Smart App Banners that maximize future growth.

What’s inside:

  • Trends and insights exploring various apps’ use of CTA buttons
  • Best practices for using Smart App Banners to build effective web-to-app strategies
  • Roles of deep links in preventing after-landing drop-offs and increasing conversion rates
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