Marketing Mix Modeling in Action: Tips from the Pros

Are you a next-gen marketing leader? If yes, you must have heard of marketing mix modeling.(If no, check out our previous white paper.) Any company that runs ads can use marketing mix modeling, but it is gaining particular traction in the mobile marketing industry, which has been directly affected by privacy policies and regulations.

But let’s be honest. You are still not sure where to start. Well, building an insightful marketing mix model starts with selecting the right set of data that best captures your marketing context and business needs. The problem is, there are common mistakes marketers make in the process of data preparation.

Thankfully, these mistakes actually provide clues and hints to improve your model, providing guidance for marketers who are confused and lost. Understanding and implementing marketing mix modeling can be made easy. Pave the way to privacy-preserving marketing.

What’s inside:

  • How to use marketing mix modeling to boost your privacy-centric marketing
  • Top tips to improve your data preparation and overall modeling process
  • Realistic case scenarios that provide actionable insights

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