Airbridge Handbook 02: Deep Links

Deep links are crucial for successful app marketing campaigns. They allow users who click on ads to directly access specific in-app pages, improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

However, handling deep links can be challenging due to their technical complexities and the ever-evolving nature of deep linking technology. Compatibility issues across different in-app and mobile web browsers can lead to occasional crashes. To overcome these challenges, thorough testing and adjusting settings are essential parts of the deep linking process.

This handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to understand deep links. It covers the background and significance of deep links, explores various types of deep links based on user experience, delves into technical implementations, and offers tips on leveraging third-party solutions. Explore this handbook to gain valuable insights into the deep links you need for effective app marketing campaigns.

What’s inside: 

  • Why deep links have become important as the mobile app environment has changed.
  • The types of deep links and technical implementations based on user experience.
  • How to create deep links yourself or utilize third-party solutions.

The Airbridge Handbook series is here to elevate your understanding of AdTech and MarTech. Use this as a trusted guide for your journey of implementing technology in planning, executing, and measuring campaigns, and ultimately becoming more proactive. Stay tuned for more and be ahead of the curve!

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