Temporary attribution
Temporary attribution
A temporary attribution model attributes credit of a conversion for a limited period of time.

What is temporary attribution?

A temporary attribution model is used to attribute credit for a mobile app install or in-app conversion to specific marketing campaigns or initiatives. It is done for a limited period of time, such as within a certain number of days after the install or conversion occurred. A temporary attribution model can consider various factors, such as the last marketing touchpoint the user interacted with before installing the app or making the conversion, to determine which campaign or initiative should be given credit.

How can marketers use temporary attribution?

Marketers can use temporary attribution models to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns or initiatives by assigning credit for conversions or sales to specific campaigns or channels. This can help marketers to understand which campaigns are most effective and where to allocate their marketing budget.

For example, suppose a customer is exposed to multiple marketing campaigns before making a purchase. In that case, a temporary attribution model can help to determine which campaign or channel was most influential in driving the sale. Then, this information can be used to optimize future campaigns and allocate budget more effectively.

Marketers can also use temporary attribution to measure the effectiveness of different marketing initiatives over time. For example, a marketer may use a temporary attribution model to measure the effectiveness of a new social media campaign for a specific time and then compare the results to previous campaigns to see if there was any improvement. By doing so, the marketer can understand how changes in their marketing strategies impact their bottom line.

Additionally, temporary attribution models can also be used to measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels or tactics, such as email, paid search, or display advertising, and to compare the performance of other campaigns or initiatives.

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