Mobile measurement partner (MMP)
Mobile measurement partner (MMP)
An MMP is a third-party attribution tool that empowers marketers to maximize mobile growth by measuring campaign performance across channels and ad networks

What is an MMP?

A mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a third-party attribution provider that collects, attributes, and organizes mobile app data to deliver a unified overview of campaign performance.

MMP is a must-have tool in the mobile marketing world because it is an unbiased partner to measure campaign performance across multiple channels. The task of a mobile marketer without an MMP can be difficult. Marketers use various ad networks and channels for their campaigns, which means they need to follow up on a massive amount of data across each channel to measure campaign performance. An MMP can collect and attribute data from integrated channels and provide a unified overview. Therefore by using an MMP, marketers can get a full and clear overview of mobile performance for all the channels they use. This can empower marketers to better analyze their marketing campaigns and make the best decisions to maximize mobile growth.

How does an MMP work?

For an MMP to work, a software development kit (SDK) from an MMP should first be implemented into the app. The SDK's role is to collect data across channels and devices and link campaign engagements (e.g. ad click, impression) with app install and in-app events (e.g. log-in, purchasing). Then the MMP uses its attribution logic to match which campaign and channel contributed to the target event. 

How can marketers benefit from an MMP?

Using an MMP can benefit marketers in a number of ways. We can wrap it up to three major points.

  1. Get a unified overview of mobile marketing performance

An MMP will get all your campaign data across various marketing channels and present it as a single, unified dashboard, giving you the ultimate overview of your mobile marketing performance. You can then analyze data across multiple devices (Android, iOS) and platforms (web, app) to get meaningful insights to maximize your app's growth.

  1. Save time and resources

No need to go back and forth between channel dashboards chasing and downloading data. A simple SDK from an MMP can do a lot of the work for you. With an MMP, you don't have to import and measure all the data manually. Instead, save your time and resources to do something more valuable.

  1. Use your budget where it really matters 

An MMP measures each channel's performance with an unbiased, unified view. This acts as an accurate guide on which channel contributed most to your marketing performance. Using this data, you can better allocate your marketing budget and make sure you are spending money to optimize your overall campaign performance.

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