Mobile malware
Mobile malware
Mobile malware is malicious software designed to attack mobile devices to gain unauthorized access, steal personal information, or perform other malicious actions.

What is mobile malware?

Mobile malware is a type of malicious software that is specifically designed to target mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It intends to gain unauthorized access to the device, steal personal information, or perform other malicious actions without the knowledge or consent of the user. Examples of mobile malware include viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware.

How does mobile malware work?

Mobile malware typically works by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system or specific apps on a mobile device. Once it gains access to the device, mobile malware can perform multiple malicious actions like:

  • Stealing sensitive information such as login credentials, banking information, and personal data
  • Spying on the user by activating the device's camera or microphone
  • Sending text messages or making phone calls to premium numbers
  • Displaying unwanted ads or redirecting the user to malicious websites
  • Using the device to launch attacks on other devices or networks

Mobile malware can be spread through a variety of means, such as malicious apps, text messages, email attachments, or by visiting compromised websites. Once installed, it can run in the background and evade detection by hiding its icon and disguising its process name.

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