Limit ad tracking (LAT)
Limit ad tracking (LAT)
Limit ad tracking (LAT) is a feature that allows users to choose not to receive personalized ads on iOS devices by opting out of having IDFA.

What is limit ad tracking?

Limit ad tracking (LAT) is a feature available on iOS devices that allows users to choose whether they would allow advertisers to receive the data generated from their activities and interests. This data is called IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), and advertisers use it to create personalized ad campaigns. By turning on LAT, the user's device will not have IDFA and will no longer send user data to app developers, advertisers, and other third parties. As a result, the user who turned on LAT will no longer receive personalized ads.

Why is limit ad tracking important?

For users, LAT can be a method that can help to protect their privacy by preventing their data from being collected and shared without their knowledge or consent.

From the perspective of mobile marketers, LAT is an important feature to consider for several reasons.

  • It can affect the effectiveness of marketing campaigns: When users turn on LAT, their devices will no longer send information about their activities and interests, which means that marketers will have less data to use for targeting their ads, which may lower their campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • It can impact their ad revenues: If a significant number of users turn on LAT, it may reduce the number of targeted ads shown to them, leading to lower ad revenues for the marketers.
  • It can cause a loss of visibility in marketing data: LAT can prevent marketers from collecting data on users' activities and interests, making it more difficult for them to understand their target audience and improve their campaigns.

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