Install fraud
Install fraud
Install fraud is artificially inflating the number of mobile app installs through technical methods such as bots, fake accounts, and incentivized downloads, misleading advertisers.

What is an install fraud?

Install fraud refers to the act of artificially boosting the number of installs for a mobile app. The goal of this fraudulent activity is to manipulate app store rankings and deceive advertisers into paying for false user engagement. This leads to a distorted view of an app's popularity and engagement, creating a false representation of its value and usage.

How does install fraud work?

Install frauds work by using various technical methods to artificially inflate the number of installs for a mobile application.

One of the most common methods is the use of bots. Bots are computer programs designed to mimic human behavior by clicking on ads and downloading apps. The bots are programmed to interact with the app store and perform many installs in a short time, creating a false representation of an app's popularity and user engagement.

Another technique used in install fraud is the creation of fake accounts. Fraudsters create multiple user profiles and use them to download the same app multiple times, thereby artificially increasing the number of installs. They also use these fake accounts to give fake positive reviews and boost app ratings, further misleading advertisers and investors.

Incentivized downloads are another common method used in install fraud. This involves offering users rewards for downloading an app, such as virtual currency or other incentives. While incentivized downloads can be a legitimate way of increasing an app's visibility and attracting new users, they can also be misused to generate fake installs. For example, fraudsters can pay individuals to download the app and then quickly uninstall it, creating a false representation of an app's popularity and user engagement.

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