Attribution fraud
Attribution fraud
Attribution fraud is a mobile ad fraud that claims credit for fake mobile app installs or in-app conversions.

What is attribution fraud?

In the mobile measurement industry, attribution fraud is falsely claiming credit for mobile app installs or in-app conversions. Attribution fraud can cause financial losses for mobile apps. It can also skew data and analytics, making it difficult for them to accurately track the effectiveness of their mobile marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

How does attribution fraud work?

One of the most common attribution fraud methods is using fake referral URLs. Fraudsters create URLs that mimic legitimate ones and use them to claim credit for conversions that they did not actually generate. For example, a fraudster might create a URL that looks like it is from a legitimate affiliate and use it to claim credit for a conversion that was actually generated by another source.

Another common method of attribution fraud is the use of bots. Fraudsters use bots to simulate clicks or conversions on an ad, making it appear as though a real user has taken the desired action. This might be difficult to detect, as bots can be programmed to mimic human behavior and bypass fraud detection systems.

Cookie stuffing is another method fraudsters use to claim credit for conversions they did not actually generate. They use malware or other methods to insert cookies into users' browsers, allowing them to claim credit for conversions generated by another source.

Spoofed IP addresses or device fingerprints are another tactic used by fraudsters. They use a technique called IP spoofing or device fingerprinting to make it appear as though the conversion came from a legitimate source.

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