App stickiness
App stickiness
App stickiness refers to the extent to which users continue to use an app after downloading it.

What is app stickiness?

App stickiness refers to the ability of an app to retain users and keep them engaged over time. High stickiness indicates that users are regularly returning to the app and finding value in it, while low stickiness may indicate that users are not returning to the app or are not finding value in it. A sticky app is one that users come back to frequently and spend a lot of time on. This could be due to various factors, such as the app's design, ease of use, or its content and features.

Why is app stickiness important to mobile marketers?

There are several reasons why app stickiness is crucial for mobile marketers:

  1. Increased revenue: Retaining users leads to increased revenue as loyal users are more likely to make in-app purchases and engage with ads.
  2. Better user acquisition ROI: A sticky app means that the cost of acquiring new users is spread out over a longer time, improving the return on investment for user acquisition efforts.
  3. Brand loyalty: A sticky app creates brand loyalty among users, which can lead to positive word-of-mouth promotion and increased organic downloads.
  4. Improved user experience: A sticky app means that users find value in the app and are likely to continue using it, which can lead to positive feedback and an improved overall user experience.

How do you measure app stickiness?

Marketers can use the stickiness ratio to measure app stickiness:

  • Stickiness ratio is the ratio of DAU to MAU. It measures how frequently users are returning to the app in relation to how many users are active overall.

It's important to note that measuring app stickiness is a process that requires continuous monitoring and analysis of the different metrics. Additionally, measuring stickiness alone is not enough. Mobile marketers should also look at other metrics, such as user acquisition, monetization, and lifetime value, to have a complete picture of the app's performance.

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