How dating app Bleet increased user acquisition to new levels


Bleet is a dating app for verified professionals by Blind, a professional community, and grows over 100% year over year. Bleet aims to solve the challenges that professionals face in finding love using technology and content.



  • Ensure quick and easy access to ad performance data
  • Efficiently acquire new users through marketing campaigns


  • Attain a comprehensive view of all marketing performance to optimize resource management with Airbridge Sharelink
  • Utilize Tracking Links to monitor all UA campaigns and efficiently guide users to desired destinations

Bleet, a dating app for verified professionals, operates under the umbrella of Blind, a global professional community with more than 9 million verified professionals from over 300,000 companies. Bleet aligns with Blind’s mission, facilitating open and honest conversations to enable individuals to discuss their work-life challenges anonymously, and by extension, aims to solve the challenges that professionals face in finding love. 

Launched in November 2020, Bleet has demonstrated remarkable annual growth, exceeding 100%. This success can be attributed to its innovative approach, offering reliable matches by verifying users through a workplace verification system. Bleet's user acquisition strategy heavily relies on Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) and attribution tools to assess its marketing efforts and overall performance. This case study delves into how the Bleet team effectively leverages Airbridge as an MMP to measure, optimize, and maximize its marketing performance.


Efficiently monitoring ad performance data

For Bleet’s marketing team, same as most marketers, a daily task involves the analysis of marketing performance data. Bleet, in particular, encountered a challenge in swiftly tracking the conversion rate of new signed-up users across various channels to measure the success of each campaign. The team needed an automated way to update data on the dashboard efficiently, streamlining resource management.

Comprehensive performance measurement across all traffic sources

At the core of Bleet's marketing strategy lies the objective of acquiring new users. To identify the high-performing marketing channels, the team required a method to track and measure the performance of every user pathway linking to the service.


Unify all marketing data for efficient performance measurement

Bleet migrated to Airbridge as it offers a user-friendly solution right out of the box. Airbridge's intuitive UI/UX and robust data reporting capabilities simplified the integration and visualization of marketing data.

There were two approaches to viewing performance data through their MMP.

  • Access the necessary data from pre-set reports by MMP.
  • Download data from the MMP and analyze it alongside internal or third-party data

In line with these approaches, Airbridge offered the perfect solution for Bleet. First, Airbridge offers a unified report showing both the iOS/Android platform, which is also easily customizable with GroupBys or Filters.

The configured reports can be saved and pulled up whenever the team wants to view them. Airbridge’s “Sharelink” feature helped marketers lighten the load with real-time sharing of configured reports through simple links. Anyone with a Sharelink can effortlessly download the report as CSV files or import data into Google Spreadsheets using the "importdata" function.

Bleet created a custom dashboard within Google Spreadsheets, combining data from Airbridge’s Sharlink with data from their internal database, thus safeguarding sensitive data and enhancing the ability of the marketing team to promptly view and analyze data in a dashboard. This time-saving feature empowers Bleet's marketers to allocate their resources to more critical tasks and decisions, ultimately boosting efficiency.

“Sharelink” on Airbridge’s Actuals Report (A demo app’s data)

Enhance sign-up promotions with Airbridge Tracking Links: 10x higher CVR

Bleet runs monthly sign-up promotions as a part of its user acquisition strategy. To measure performance by channel, from participant verification to award distribution, Bleet leverages Airbridge Tracking Links.

A tracking link is a link that sends user behavior data to Airbridge when the user views or clicks an ad. When creating a tracking link for your app to capture touchpoints, configure it as a deep link.

👉Find more about Airbridge Tracking Links

The invitation link in the Bleet service, leading users to the sign-up screen with an automatically embedded invitation code, is set up by Airbridge Tracking Links, allowing the team to identify the channel through which the user was acquired. With a single link, Bleet can streamline the promotion process, enable comprehensive performance measurement, and subsequently improve the effectiveness of their sign-up promotions by a remarkable tenfold.

Furthermore, Bleet strategically employs Airbridge Tracking Links across all user entry points within their service, including promotional campaigns, digital ads, viral campaigns, and internal sharing. These links offer Bleet the ability to measure performance while seamlessly directing users to specific service destinations, which is deep linking. So Bleet marketing team can ensure a smooth user journey, leading users to the app market if the app is not installed or directly to the relevant page if the app is already on their device.

Final thoughts

Bleet’s vision is clear and resolute: to emerge as the go-to platform for office professionals in Korea seeking meaningful relationships. Its ambition extends beyond merely securing the top spot in the dating app market; rather, Bleet aspires to become the most prominent and recognizable service for its target demographic of office workers. The journey towards this goal involves crafting a success formula, not only locally in Korea but also on a global scale. With a commitment to innovation, user satisfaction, and data-driven marketing strategies, Bleet will pave the way for a new era in the realm of professional dating apps, embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

“After undergoing successful MMP migrations to Airbridge, I couldn't be more content with the user-friendly reports and all-in-one solution that Airbridge offers. Its simplicity and accessibility make it a valuable tool for marketers of all backgrounds, and its optimization significantly enhances the productivity of our marketing team.” 

- Koomin Kang (Bleet Team Lead, Teamblind, Inc.)

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