Cost Aggregation & ROAS Analytics
A single view of all cohort-based cost analysis
Consolidate your cost data from multiple sources in one place. Save time using a standardized dashboard that accurately visualizes cost, conversion and revenue data.
No more siloed data
Fragmented cost data slows down overall analysis and creates plenty of room for error. Airbridge aggregates all cost data from your favorite ad platforms to provide a unified view into your ad spend and ROI.
Make smarter marketing budget decisions
Airbridge auto-combines cost data with attribution data to provide granular insights on ROAS, ARPU, and ARPPU by channel, campaign and creative.
Deepen insights with cohort analysis
Track ARPU and ROAS to ensure that your campaigns are cost-effective across user cohorts grouped by days.
Integrated channels
Airbridge pulls cost data from these platforms to make cost analysis easier. Check out our list of Integrated Ad Channels.
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Do more with data available in real-time
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