How Hyundai Card leveraged AI to boost new users by 16% more cost-effectively

Hyundai Card
Hyundai Card

Hyundai Card is going beyond a credit card company to become a leader in the financial technology industry. It continuously transforms its digital technology, focusing on “innovation” and “growth.” Notably, Hyundai Card is changing the landscape of the financial technology business with its unique approaches, such as introducing Apple Pay in Korea and forming a data alliance with private label credit card partners (PLCC). Furthermore,  it continues to lead the industry by enhancing its digital capabilities through strong branding and sophisticated design.



  • Track UA campaigns and analyze multi-channel marketing performance
  • Enhance a digital infrastructure for data-driven decision-making


  • Optimize ad spend and performance with advanced AI analytics and automated budgeting
  • Build data-driven marketing strategies and improve marketing performance

Hyundai Card, which is leading the industry with a differentiated digital strategy, has built a system that automatically allocates marketing budgets by measuring and analyzing the performance of UA campaigns with Airbridge AI. Instead of experiential speculation, Hyundai Card's online marketing team is establishing a reliable and data-based marketing strategy by measuring and analyzing performance through AI. This has empowered marketers to use their resources more effectively and focus on where manpower is needed. In addition, the number of new customers increased by 16% month-on-month and ad costs decreased by 28% month-on-month, which means boosting ROI by 61%. We will learn how Hyundai Card, partnered with Airbridge, has improved marketers' work efficiency and marketing performance.


Track UA campaigns and analyze multi-channel marketing performance

Hyundai Card's online marketing team aimed to achieve a holistic view of ad performance for acquiring new customers who applied for credit cards online. However, monitoring performance through each ad channel's dashboard was inefficient, and there was no standardized parameter convention for tracking. As a result, there was a possibility of mistakenly attributing conversions to organic traffic instead of ad campaigns, making it difficult to map the user journey accurately. Hyundai Card aimed to measure each ad channel's contribution to user conversions and identify the most effective campaigns within the complex user journey. To achieve this, they sought to monitor the ad performance of various channels on a single dashboard using a unified standard and assess the overall performance.

Enhance a digital infrastructure for data-driven decision-making

Return on investment (ROI) is a crucial metric for analyzing marketing campaign performance. Hyundai Card's online marketing team sought to not only analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns but also to maximize it. They recognized the need for more advanced technology to enhance their digital marketing infrastructure. Additionally, they aimed to make informed decisions regarding their marketing budget allocation through precise and data-driven analysis, moving beyond mere experiential estimates and assumptions.


Hyundai Card’s online marketing team began using Airbridge, a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), to measure and enhance marketing performance. By utilizing AI-based Marketing Mix Modeling and professional consulting services from Airbridge, the online marketing team has significantly improved both work efficiency and overall marketing results.

Optimize ad spend and performance with advanced AI analytics and automated budgeting

Hyundai Card’s online marketing team focuses on the conversion goal of ‘issuing new credit cards.’ Using Airbridge’s dashboard, the team can view campaign data from all ad channels and quickly get a comprehensive overview of campaign performance and its impact on conversions. Furthermore, with Airbridge AI, the team accurately measures the contribution of each advertising campaign and channel. Airbridge AI can analyze ad performance with various external variables, including trends and seasonality, to precisely evaluate the effectiveness of ads in issuing new credit cards. Based on this analysis, the team has been establishing an optimal marketing budget allocation plan and automating marketing campaign operations, focusing advertising budgets on the most effective channels. As a result, the team can now optimize and utilize their limited budget more efficiently, devoting more resources to key tasks such as ad creative.

Build data-driven marketing strategies and improve marketing performance

Through the use of Airbridge AI and consultation with the Airbridge team, Hyundai Card has created an environment conducive to data-driven decision-making. Over time, machine learning models propose increasingly accurate budget allocations as they become more sophisticated through ongoing campaign operations. Leveraging these advanced models, Hyundai Card's online marketing team is planning and implementing data-driven marketing strategies to tangibly improve performance.

One specific example involves search ads. According to Hyundai Card's existing performance measurement methods, search ads were identified as the most efficient. However, the CPC (cost per click) billing method limited additional budget input, prompting the team to determine the optimal budget. The team set a maximum budget amount for search ads on Airbridge and allocated the budget to be reallocated to other channels once the expected efficiency was achieved. This strategy allowed for optimized budget allocation across channels while maximizing the efficiency of search ads. Data from January 2024 indicates that the issuance of new online cards increased by approximately 16% compared to the previous month, and advertising costs decreased by about 28%.

Final thoughts

Hyundai Card's goal is to become the market leader by enhancing both the quantity and quality of new credit card issuances. To achieve this, the online marketing team is continuously developing new advertising channels and innovative credit card issuance models, while also building a robust digital infrastructure to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape. 

Hyundai Card competes not only with traditional financial industry players but also with non-traditional competitors from the commerce and gaming sectors. The company aims to achieve success in a broader market and prepare for future challenges.

“Airbridge has not only significantly reduced advertising costs and improved performance but also greatly alleviated the workload. Thanks to the automatic budget allocation by Airbridge AI, we achieved remarkable results with a 28% reduction in advertising costs and a 16% increase in new credit card issuances.

Hyundai Card’s online marketing team uses Airbridge to meticulously analyze the customer journey and assess the contribution of each advertising channel to new credit card issuances. Based on accurate data, we are making more strategic decisions that help direct conversions.”

- Donghoon Kim, Sohee Doh (Online Marketing Team, Hyundai Card)
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