How Hellobot optimized marketing mix through multi-channel tracking


Hellobot is a chatbot service hitting 4 million + users as of the first half of 2021 based on Web and App platforms.



  • Testing large amounts of ad campaigns and getting insights from the results.
  • Universal attribution analysis from cross platforms (web and app)


  • Using Airbridge’s Web & App SDK for universal analysis in cross-platform
  • Cross-channel tracking with Airbridge tracking link and UTM parameters 
  • Measuring marketing performance in a single dashboard of Airbridge

Hellobot is a chatbot messenger service based on web and app platforms providing over 400 chatbot skills (or contents), including tarot, saju, psychological diagnosis, and horoscope.In addition, it offers a chatbot chatbot service with 12 main character chatbots such as Lamama, specializing in dating counseling, and Leafy forecasting daily fortune. It set the milestone in a chatbot-based entertainment industry in Korea that a cumulative 4 million + users have used Hellobot in the first half of 2021.


The Hellobot marketing team conducts a large amount of testing when executing ad campaigns. It is based on the idea that “Quantity is Quality”. To that end, they needed a suitable infrastructure to carry out large amounts of tests and provide marketers with meaningful insights through test results.

Also, the two primary segments in Hellobot’s marketing are ‘new customers’ and ‘returning customers’, and Hellobot monitors these segments' user journeys frequently. As Hellobot has two platforms - web and app - users may first visit via the web and then revisit the app or use the service both on the web and app. And these customers may encounter and get to know the Hellobot through different channels such as paid media, organic media, and owned media. Therefore, Hellobot constantly analyzes customer traffic data to decide which pipeline to expand to or which direction new pipelines should lead as primary strategies.

Lastly, Hellobot needed an attribution solution to track both web-to-app and app-to-web users as Hellobot expanded the service from only the app to the web. 


Universal analysis of fragmented marketing data 

Hellobot started to use Airbridge over the business expansion from app to web. Airbridge enabled Hellobot to track user journeys across web and app and measure marketing performance cross-platform.

In addition, Hellobot’s marketing team emphasizes that anyone in Hellobot can easily access the data and performance of ongoing marketing campaigns even if they are not marketers. That‘s why Hellobot focuses on enabling an integrated view of marketing data from each channel fragmented across ad platforms with Airbridge. Airbridge provides customization to see specific data at a glance and supports convenient data export into CSV with just a few clicks. Thanks to these functions, Hellobot can visualize and customize all the data into tailor reports. This enables developers, designers, HR managers, and anyone interested to study current marketing performances.

Using tracking links and UTM parameters

Hellobot is using the Airbridge tracking link and UTM parameter on cross platforms. Airbridge supports using the previously generated links since it parses UTM parameters. Not only that, Hellobot is also actively using customization of open graphs (OG Tag) with branded links when they create tracking links. With this function, they are able to conveniently upload and revise ad creatives without additional development when they need banners for specific occasions.

Measuring ad creative performances through Airbridge 

Hellobot analyzes performances at once with Airbridge, granting ease of data and marketing performance analysis and utilizing insights from the data and dashboards in daily marketing activities and performance analysis.

Hellobot produces 100+ ad creatives per quarter. Measuring the performance of an ad creative requires identifying which creatives performed well in general media and managing a high-performing ad creative on specific media. 

The quality of the decision can be poor to judge simply by the efficiency of the material because various factors must be considered when measuring performance. That’s why Hellobot utilizes integrated reporting on marketing performance for each material or media through Airbridge to help bridge measurement gaps across web and mobile. Not only that, Hellobot also chose to meticulously set UTM parameters on web campaigns to check and analyze user acquisition journey and platform data through Airbridge, making decisions on its media mix based on these results.

“What was especially interesting as we considered using Airbridge is that Airbridge’s customers included various and long-standing commerce companies. From the perspective of sales, there were many points to benchmark from commerce companies with relatively long histories. We had faith that Airbridge’s extensive experience of working with commerce companies would benefit our company for seamless web & app campaigns.” 

- Seul-ki Lee, CMO at thingsflow Inc.
“Airbridge’s services are very reasonable since all functions are provided at no additional cost. Not only that, I must point out once again that this attribution tool provides outstanding web-to-app and app-to-web tracking.” 

- Seul-ki Lee, CMO at thingsflow Inc.
Final thoughts

Thingsflow Inc. providing Hellobot services was acquired by KRAFTON in 2021 and aspired to create a massive world of contents based on the B2C service accumulated by Hellobot. In addition, the company has ambitions to develop content more people can enjoy – content bringing joy to people around the world beyond Korea.

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