How DANO attracts users with cross-platform funnel marketing

Health & Fitness

DANO provides services to help you develop healthy habits. They aim to help build habits and have been settling the realistic concerns of their users through data-based experiments and MarTech tools.



  • Improving the User Funnel in the integrated environment of web and app
  • Maximizing the efficiency of Media Mix


  • Organizing the Media Mix by analyzing Retention and Incrementality, therefore monitoring the sign-up funnel 
  • Prevention against Fraud Installs 
  • Managing the Dynamic Campaigns that run on both web and app integratively

DANO provides services to help you develop healthy habits. They started from a diet community, called “Diet Note” as a Facebook page, and provided content. Then, in 2014, they expanded their service to websites called “DANO SHOP”, and “DANOFIT COACH” (aka MYDANO). Besides the websites, they are running DANO APP that lets you simultaneously use DANOFIT COACH, Habit Sharing function, DANO MAGAZINE, and DANO SHOP. As of 2021, 1.5 million users in total have been building healthy habits through the service DANO provides. 


DANO began their App Marketing in earnest by integrating DANO SHOP and MYDANO on a single app, which were both previously managed on the web. As the focus shifted from web to app, DANO faced challenges to engage more users, regardless of whether they make payments or use the services  for free, and to improve the user funnel. 


Since DANO used Airbridge, they have been organizing various Media Mix channels efficiently and optimizing the user funnel by managing the dynamic campaigns across web and app.

Marketing strategies for DANO to acquire new users 

DANO defines the metric of User Acquisition as a membership “sign-up,” and has three major strategies in terms of running marketing campaigns. The first is ASO(App Store Optimization), the second is to make Creative Strategy more appealing, and the last is to organize the Media Mix efficiently.

1) App Store Page is not only the landing page of “App Installation Campaigns,” but also a path from Organic Search that could lead to potential customers who are strongly willing to lose weight. Because it is an important factor that customers initially encounter, DANO runs various A/B tests on names of the app, mobile images with screenshots, advertising copy, and descriptions. 

2) In terms of the Creative Strategy, DANO runs various experiments by monitoring its' creative data with the designers at the production stage. For example, in order to see which CTA button is more catchy, they are testing the buttons' different designs, copy, and such. 

3) In the case of Media Mix, it is important to manage it cost-efficiently. It is also significant to organize the channels so that the targeting works effectively. The Media Mix requires performance analysis of each media, but the numbers may be overlapped or exaggerated because each of them measures performance with their own metrics. So, DANO uses Airbridge, a mobile attribution softwares, to measure performance with the same metrics and to quickly organize the Media Mix. In addition, they organize it referring not only to the fixed metrics like CPI or CPP but also to various reports like Retention or Incrementality, which are provided by Airbridge. 

“Due to the large fan base, DANO's Owned Media (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) is quite influential. It's a huge asset of DANO, too. Acquiring users to  the app who engage in these channels is an important task, and that's why we are closely monitoring the sign-up funnel.” 

- MinSeung Hong, Data Analysis Team, DANO R&D Department 
“The reasons why we chose Airbridge over many other MMPs are satisfying functions and intuitive UI/UX. As we transferred a MMP to  Airbridge,, we were a little concerned that we would have a hard time adjusting to the new software. However, all of the functions were offered without extra charge, and in fact, I truly loved the intuitive UI/UX. When we used Airbridge for the first time, most of the Korean domestic advertising media channels were already integrated. Even after that, new channels like TikTok have been added. So now, Airbridge is conveniently used when mapping out plans for the Media Mix and carrying them into effect.” 

- Sujin Baik, Performance & Growth Team, Marketing HQ 

Fraud Validation Rule for Install Performance Measurement 

When DANO manages NCPI (Non-incentive CPI) media, Airbridge filters out Fraud Installs with Fraud Validation Rule to measure the performance of installs. The media’s own technology to filter out the Fraud Installs, DANO’s own standards on the filtration, and the Fraud Validation Rule by Airbridge effectively prevent the Fraud Installs altogether.

Dynamic Campaigns, the Integration of Web and App 

Since DANO shifted their focus from web to app, they have managed Dynamic Campaigns which run in the environment where web and app are integrated through Dynamic Links. Airbridge’s Dynamic Linking is simple and intuitive, and DANO has been trying out lots of campaigns with the links. Then, the Dynamic Campaigns led DANO to reach the figure that was two to three times bigger than they initially targeted. 

Final thoughts

The Product Roadmap aims for DANO to practically help the users settle their worries about diet and health and to reflect the brand philosophy and values into the product. 

With Airbridge, DANO could collect data and get insights from various channels no matter if they're on web or app. Therefore, they expect to give flexible and adequate responses to DANO users and to boost their growth.

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