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How to optimize Direct Response Marketing with Touchpoints Overlap Report
April 28, 2022
Minah Lee

Have you ever wanted new users to download your app or make purchases directly from the ad? Do you have experience running or have plans to run Direct Response Marketing?

If so, you would most likely want your ad to reach as many target audiences as possible and drive the highest conversion. What you would not want is for your ad to reach the same audience in different channels because you would not only be wasting your advertising spend but also opportunity costs. Knowing how much the audience in multiple channels overlaps is significant.

Airbridge provides Touchpoints Overlap Report which shows the percentage of overlapping advertisement views among the same audience. Continue reading this post to see how you can optimize the performances of Direct Response Marketing campaigns and reduce inefficient ad spendings by using Airbridge’s Touchpoints Overlap Report.  

What is Direct Response Marketing(DR Marketing)?

Direct Response Marketing (DR Marketing) is a type of marketing strategy that invokes immediate responses or conversions such as app downloads or in-app purchases from users. The objective of DR Marketing is not to raise or enhance brand awareness but to generate instant outcomes and highest ROI.

DR Marketing is often used in hyper-casual or casual games and e-commerce platforms that sell low-involvement products. Due to the nature of the game which is to centralize all focus on user acquisition in the early stage of launching, the ultimate goal of the campaign is to obtain as many users as possible by delivering ads to a wide range of target audiences in various channels. E-commerce platforms also would want to achieve their revenue goals quickly, and thus will try to make users react more immediately to ads by using marketing campaigns like time-sale. 

DR Marketing is a very time-sensitive marketing strategy. And in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, knowing how much of your channel audiences overlap is critical. 

Avoid overlapping target audiences in Direct Response Marketing.

We cannot stop emphasizing the importance of avoiding any audience overlap in DR Marketing. In other words, you must minimize the possibility of users being exposed to the same ad across multiple channels. This will also affect your marketing budget as the opportunity to meet new audiences will decrease if the user is exposed to the same ad repeatedly. As ad frequency equals your opportunity cost, we recommend that you adjust the number of overlapping touchpoints to less than three. 

Discover overlapping touchpoints with Touchpoints Overlap Report

How do you know which touchpoints overlap? 

Airbridge analyzes touchpoints such as app install and purchase which exist prior to the conversions, and shows the overlapping touchpoints across channels in the Touchpoints Overlap Report. In this report, you may also find if a converted user (from a specific channel) had clicked or viewed the same ads in other channels prior to the conversion. 

Example of Touchpoints Overlap Report

It is easy to gain insight and adjust your media mix by using the Touchpoints Overlap Report. Discover how touchpoints from each channel relate to that of other channels and their overlapping rate. 

Example of Touchpoints Overlap Report  / Data used in the above report is demo data and does not reflect any actual performance. 

What do overlapping touchpoints tell you?

When you look at the above report, you will see that some of the channels’ conversions overlap with that of others by 70% to 80%. What this means is that the ads are repeatedly exposed to the same audience and you must reconsider whether this specific channel is the right channel for you to run ads on. Again, ad frequency is your opportunity cost in DR Marketing. You may think that overlapping channels may lead users to conversions but you must know that this is a rare case unless the channel is a search engine channel. 

Leverage Airbridge Touchpoints Overlap Report for more effective marketing budget allocation

If you are running time-sensitive Direct Response Marketing campaigns, keep your target audience from overlapping with other channels. Find out how Airbridge’s Touchpoints Overlap Reportquickly identifies overlapping audiences and brings your marketing performances to the next level!

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Minah Lee
Product Marketing Part Lead
Minah is Airbridge's product marketing part lead. She creates content, plans various marketing campaigns, and collaborates with the growth of teams, customers, and partners.
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