Gametech refers to the innovative technologies and tools that drive the growth and monetization of the gaming industry, particularly focusing on enhancing user engagement and optimizing performance marketing strategies.

What is happening with mobile gaming? 

Out of $184 billion generated in 2023 by all types of games, the mobile game market share is 49% or $90 billion. In other words, almost half of all gaming is mobile. Delving deeper into mobile game revenue statistics, more than 1,500 apps and games generated over $10 million in 2023. 219 surpassed $100 million and 13 went over $1 billion in revenue. (

Statista predicts that the mobile games market size will grow to $118 billion by 2027. These tell us that the mobile gaming market is still very lucrative and offers many opportunities for game developers.

What is Gametech? 

Gametech encompasses a broad range of digital tools and platforms designed to support the gaming industry's unique needs, from development and user acquisition to monetization and analytics.

The goal of Gametech is to optimize the gaming ecosystem, making it more efficient for developers to deliver captivating games while also maximizing revenue through targeted advertising and in-game purchases.

Gametech Ecosystem

According to Newzoo, there are 4 components in Gametech as follows:

  • Development includes technical tools to create a game, such as engines, software management tools, art tools, localization, middleware, and audio tools
  • Operations include solutions for game performance marketing, platforms, ad monetization, game analytics, ad mediation, infrastructure and cloud services, and customer engagement
  • Market analysis includes market analytics tools
  • Growth includes tools for ad attribution, like Airbridge, and UA analytics, influencer marketing, app store optimization, and ad creative

What metrics should game developers look at

Understanding mobile game analytics can be a bit daunting, but it's crucial for game developers looking to thrive in the competitive market. Analyzing these metrics gives you valuable insights into player behavior, game performance, and how to make your game more profitable.

  • Daily active users (DAU)
  • Sessions
  • DAU/MAU ration
  • Retention
  • Predictive lifetime value
  • Churn

To see more metrics and why they matter, refer to our blog “10 essential metrics all game developers should look out for”.

Gametech and Airbridge

Mobile measurement partner (MMP) like Airbridge serves the main purpose of ad attribution for mobile gaming. So why is MMP that important? 

It is because given the seismic shift in the marketing landscape recently, running ads across diverse channels is becoming more cumbersome as advertisers have to carefully select the right publishers, and install each publisher’s SDK. That’s where Airbridge SDK comes to the rescue, making the collection of data from different sources easier than ever.

Additionally, Airbridge allows advertisers to gain different types of data in the format of reports, which is really treasured in this privacy-first era, all thanks to partnerships with big ad platforms.

To see how Airbridge can empower the growth of your gaming business, explore here or you can just book a demo to see everything in action!

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