PC and Console
PC and Console
PC and console advertising refers to creating and deploying ads specifically tailored to the distinct audiences and environments of PC and console gaming.

What is PC and Console Advertising? 

Advertising for PC and console games involves the strategic placement of game ads across various channels or incorporating different types of advertisements directly within the PC and console gaming platforms.

It is true that PC and console are becoming more popular, which leads to cross-platform game transitions among users. Yet, cross-platform measurement poses a challenge. Each platform—whether mobile, PC, or console—acts as a fortified castle, creating boundaries for marketers. As users seamlessly transition between platforms, marketers are tasked with a unique challenge, venturing alone through these diverse landscapes to accurately assess ad performance.

What are some types of cross-platform Advertising?

Before delving into this part, it should be noted that advertising within a single platform like PC-to-PC, console-to-console, or in-game advertising is still possible. But we will look at more sophisticated scenarios where advertising can be conducted and measured: 

  • Web-to-PC/console: For mobile marketers looking to find their footing, beginning with the familiar territory of web ads is an excellent strategy. Given their expertise in creating, launching, measuring, and fine-tuning web ads, this starting point makes perfect sense.

In the given scenario, a gamer engages with a web ad and is directed to a landing page. Next, the user clicks a link leading to the appropriate PC store, proceeds to download the game, and starts playing. The landing page captures both the impression and UTM parameters, allowing marketers to trace the gamer's journey.

A viewer encounters a CTV advertisement for a console game, prompting her to visit the console store, download the game, and begin playing. The initial ad impression is recorded and matched with the game's download on the console. Subsequent in-game purchases are also credited to the exposure from the CTV advertisement.

  • Mobile-to-PC/console: Similar to web ads, mobile ads present an efficient method to tap into the PC and console markets. Mobile marketers should already find this concept familiar and be well-equipped to navigate it effectively.

A gamer encounters a game advertisement within their preferred social media application, proceeds to visit the PC store, download the game, and begin playing. The ad impression is linked to the game's download, enabling the measurement solution to attribute the download back to the ad initially viewed by the gamer.

  • OOH-to-PC/console: Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is also an effective way to maximize user acquisition, even in physical places. All of this is made possible thanks to the QR code technology.

A player scans a QR code displayed at a bus stop and is directed to a mobile landing page. After selecting the preferred platform, she navigates to the store's mobile site, purchases the app, and subsequently downloads and starts the game on her PC. The measurement system logs the QR code scan and correlates it with the app's purchase in the store and its activation on the PC.

What are The Main Types of Ads for PC & Console?

Now that you know how ads can appear across platforms, it is time to think of what should be the formats of ad creatives. In-game ads are mostly used for PC/console, but there are some other cool ways to advertise your brands, besides some conventional methods like Native ads or In-stream ads:

  • Dynamic In-Game Ads (DIGA): With technological advancements, dynamic ads emerged, commonly seen as billboards and posters in key locations. For instance, while playing a game, you might notice a Burger King advertisement on an in-game billboard, only to find it showcasing a Ford ad upon your next encounter with the same billboard.
  • Gamevertising: Gamevertising often sees brands either developing their own video games or integrating their products and services into existing games. A notable instance of the former is RedBull's “Bike Unchained” game. Alternatively, game developers can blend gaming mechanics with advertising, like in "Forza Horizon 4," where players can race using vehicles from actual brands such as Ford, Dodge, Audi, and others.

How Can You Measure PC & Console Campaign Performance?

As mentioned above, the complicated advertising flow makes tracking and measuring harder than ever. You should keep in mind 2 things: What to measure, and how to measure.

What to measure depends on the types of ads, channels, and campaign goals. 2 key metrics to look at in this regard are:

  • Multi-platform Engagement: Impressions and clicks
  • PC/ console Conversions: Installs and in-game events

You can use View-through attribution (VTA) proves to be more effective. To learn more about VTA, please refer to this writing

PC/console and Airbridge

Third parties like Airbridge, which is a Mobile measurement partner (MMP), can help you with the tracking of cross-platform events. Airbridge employs a combination of tracking links, SDKs, APIs, and more to collect data and help with your PC game measurement even using a landing page or not. To see how everything works, please visit our guide.

Furthermore, Airbridge has some of the industry-first initiatives that promise to make advertisers’ lives easier. One of them is exploring the new frontiers of internet cafes, which are believed to be valuable in the latest innovation: PC & Console Tracking. The transition between personal and public gaming spaces is an untapped concept, which will create opportunities for advertisers in general. To accompany Airbridge in this ambitious endeavor, visit this blog post or book a demo to hear from industry experts.

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