User loyalty
User loyalty
In mobile marketing, user loyalty is when a user maintains an active and positive relationship with an app after installing and launching it for the first time. A user that drives engagement, repeat purchases, and overall contributes to the beneficial growth of an app is considered a loyal user.

What is user loyalty? 

Post-install, a user that regularly launches an app and actively participates in in-app events is considered loyal. User loyalty drives engagement metrics for an app and heightens its credibility. It indicates that users trust and rely on the app, as they chose to use that specific platform over the numerous other options. Similar to organic traffic, user loyalty provides immense value to apps and stabilizes their brand reputation but takes time to build and maintain. 

Why is user loyalty important? 

Gaining user loyalty in an app is extremely beneficial for expanding an app’s potential and validating a business’s capabilities. It also directly impacts user retention and long-term business success. Below are some benefits that user loyalty can bring to a mobile app. 

Increased lifetime value (LTV) 

Lifetime value (LTV) is an important metric in mobile marketing that helps marketers understand the predicted potential value of a user throughout their lifetime as a customer and the effects of it on the business’s long-term growth. Having a good user loyalty directly impacts LTV and increases its value, as it indicates that there is a solid user base that patronizes the app. A good LTV reflects a business’s value and ability to retain a quality relationship with users over time. It also shows the business has consistently worked to communicate with its users and update its operations to adapt to shifting needs. As a result, maintaining user loyalty can go a long way and contribute to the overall success of an app. 

Increased organic traffic + user retention 

When users are loyal to an app, they are much more engaged. Not only are they regularly logging onto the app and participating in in-app events, but they are also more likely to spread the word about the brand or app to their friends. Hence, satisfied and loyal users help spread positive word-of-mouth marketing, which can significantly boost organic traffic and overall user retention rates in the long-run.

Factors that indicate user loyalty 

There are several indicators that help marketers measure an app’s user loyalty and specifically understand which elements are driving engagement. By focusing on these factors, marketers can create a user-centric approach that fosters loyalty and long-term engagement among its users. 

  • In-app activity
  • Churn rate
  • Repeat purchases
  • Subscription rates
  • User retention rate
  • Referrals/WOM marketing 

Ways to increase user loyalty 


By keeping track of user behavior patterns and engagement history, marketers should be able to create tailored experiences for each user. Everyone has different engagement levels, intents, and frequencies in using an app, and personalizing the journey for each individual to match their preferences will be much more effective in retaining users. Furthermore, offering personalized product recommendations, content, and push notifications make users feel more valued and understood, leading to increased loyalty. 


Many apps today include interactive elements like in-app games that increase user engagement and duration in apps. Incorporating game-like elements such as point systems, mini games, and rewards can heighten user participation levels and encourage users to spend more time and money with the app to achieve a higher status. It can also help build a community among users if there are in-app communication systems that allow them to share their status and participate in friendly competitions. These factors directly contribute to increased user engagement and loyalty. 

Exclusive benefits 

Implementing loyalty programs and incentives for frequent or subscribed users can encourage them to remain engaged with the mobile platform. Offering exclusive discounts or early access to newly launched products/services can create a sense of exclusivity and belonging, motivating users to remain loyal and active within the app.

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