A session refers to a time a user interacts with the app or website.

What are sessions?

A session is a period of time in which a user interacts with the app or a website. In the context of an app, this may include launching the app, navigating through its various screens or features, and performing actions within it. During a session, the app may store information about the user's actions and preferences to personalize the user's experience and remember their preferences as they continue to use the app. The session may end when a user closes the app or stops interacting with it for a certain period. Some apps may also have a "login session," in which a user is required to enter their credentials to access the app's features. In this case, the session would begin when the user successfully logs in and end when the user logs out, or the app is closed.

Why are sessions important?

Sessions are important because they allow apps and websites to store information about a user's actions and preferences while they are interacting with the site or app. This information allows the app or website to provide a personalized experience for the user. For example, if a user is shopping on an e-commerce app, the app may use a session to remember the items that the user has added to their shopping cart so that the user can continue shopping and checkout later. Sessions are also crucial for security purposes, as they can be used to track a user's actions and detect any suspicious activity. Additionally, sessions can help apps and websites improve their performance by allowing them to store data locally on the user's device rather than retrieving it from a server each time it is needed.

For mobile marketers, sessions are important because they allow them to understand how users interact with their app. By tracking the length and frequency of user sessions, app marketers can get a sense of how engaging their app is and whether users are returning to the app on a regular basis. This information can help app marketers to identify areas of the app that are performing well and areas that may need improvement. Additionally, session data can help app marketers segment their user base and create targeted marketing campaigns based on how users use the app. For example, an app marketer may use session data to identify a group of highly engaged users and create a campaign to encourage them to share the app with their friends. Overall, tracking session data can help app marketers to optimize their marketing efforts and increase user retention and engagement.

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