GAID (Google Advertising ID)
GAID (Google Advertising ID)
GAID is a unique and anonymous identifier used in Google’s advertising services to track ad performance and offer personalized ads.

What is GAID?

GAID (Google Advertising ID) is a unique, anonymous identifier that is assigned to a user's device when they install a mobile app that uses Google's advertising services. It is used to track a user's interactions with ads and to help personalize the ads that they see. GAID is important for helping advertisers to track and optimize their campaigns. GAID gives users control to reset their identifier when they want. It is not the same as a device ID, which is a unique identifier that is assigned to a specific device and cannot be reset or erased by the user.

Why is GAID important?

GAID is a key component of Google's advertising ecosystem, and brings useful benefits to mobile marketers.

Personalization: GAID helps marketers to deliver personalized ads to users based on their interests and characteristics. This can improve the relevance and effectiveness of ads, leading to better results in marketing campaigns.

Tracking: GAID allows marketers to track the performance of their ads such as ad clicks and app conversions, and to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. This can help to optimize campaigns and improve targeting.

How does GAID work?

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how GAID works:

  1. Users install a mobile app that uses Google's advertising services.
  2. When the app is installed, a GAID is automatically assigned to each user’s device. This GAID is a unique, anonymous identifier that is specific to the user’s device.
  3. As users interact with ads within the app, the GAID is used to track their activity. This includes information such as the ads that the users see, the actions that they take (e.g. clicking on an ad), and the results of those actions (e.g. completing purchase).
  4. The data collected through GAID is used to help personalize the ads that the user sees. For example, if a user constantly clicks on ads for a particular type of product, the GAID may be used to show them more ads for similar products.
  5. Users have the ability to reset or erase their GAID at any time. This gives them control over their data and who has access to it.

The future of GAID

Even though GAID was originally devised as a privacy-focused identifier, concerns that GAID can still cause significant violation in user privacy has risen. This caused Google to make an announcement that it will be deprecating GAID as part of its commitment to enhancing user privacy. So what can we expect for the future of GAID? Here are a few potential developments:

Shift to alternative technologies

With the deprecation of GAID, advertisers and app developers will need to find alternative technologies for tracking and personalization. Google has already proposed several potential replacements, including the Privacy Sandbox and the Google Play Install Referrer, but it is not yet clear which of these technologies will be adopted on a widespread basis.

Change how data is collected and used

The deprecation of GAID will likely lead to changes in the way data is collected and used for advertising purposes. Advertisers will need to find new ways to deliver personalized ads and track performance of their campaigns, and this could result in changes to the types of data that are collected and the way that it is used.

Increase focus on privacy

The deprecation of GAID is part of a broader trend towards increased privacy and the protection of personal data. We will witness endless efforts to enhance user privacy and to limit the amount of data that can be collected and used for tracking and advertising purposes.

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