Dynamic Links
Dynamic Links
Firebase Dynamic Links, offered by Google's Firebase platform, enables the creation of deep links that seamlessly guide users to specific content within your mobile app or website.
⚠️ Deprecation of Firebase Dynamic Links

Google has recently announced the impending shutdown of Firebase Dynamic Links. If you're a marketer or developer in search of an alternative solution, you can find more information in the blog post linked below:
👉 Firebase Dynamic Links shutting down? Here’s a better option 

Utilizing Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are widely used by developers to improve user engagement and enhance the user experience by seamlessly connecting different platforms and devices. These links serve multiple purposes, such as content sharing, inviting users to join specific groups, monitoring marketing campaigns, and more.

How do Firebase Dynamic Links work?


Firebase Dynamic Links can be generated either through the Firebase Console or programmatically using the Firebase SDKs. There is flexibility to configure various aspects of the link, including the link URL, behavior on different platforms, and additional metadata.

Cross-Platform Support and Configuration

Firebase Dynamic Links works the same as deep linking. Firebase Dynamic Links are designed to work seamlessly across platforms. Marketers and developers can configure different behaviors for the dynamic link based on the user's context. For instance, if the user has your app installed, clicking the link might open the relevant content directly within the app. If the user doesn't have the app installed, the link can redirect them to a specific webpage or the app's download page in the respective app store.  Also, If the same link is clicked on a desktop browser, it can open a relevant webpage.

Tracking and Analytics

Firebase Dynamic Links also provide analytics and tracking features. Marketers can see statistics such as the number of clicks, app installations resulting from clicks, and more. This data can help marketers measure the effectiveness of their dynamic link campaigns.

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