App monetization
App monetization
App monetization refers to various ways that an app can generate revenue.

What is app monetization?

App monetization refers to the various ways in which app developers can make money from their apps. Developers can use several different monetization strategies to help turn their app into a profitable business. Below are some most popular app monetization models and the pros and cons of each.

In-app advertising

In-app advertising (IAA) is one of the most common ways to monetize mobile apps. In-app advertising involves displaying ads within your app and earning revenue from clicks or views. This model is easy to implement and can be a great way to monetize apps with a large user base. When using an in-app advertising model, marketers should make sure that ads are not too intrusive and annoying for users, which may lead to a poor user experience.

In-app purchases

Another popular monetization model is in-app purchases (IAP). This model allows users to purchase virtual goods or additional features within the app. In-app purchases can be a great way to monetize apps with loyal users.


With a subscription model, users pay a recurring fee to access the app's content, such as a monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions can be a great way to monetize apps that offer a lot of valuable content.

Paid downloads

Paid downloads involve charging users a one-time fee to download the app. Paid downloads can be an excellent way to monetize apps with unique features or value.

Freemium model

Freemium is a combination of a free and paid version of the app, where the free version of the app has limited features or contains ads, and paid version with additional features and an ad-free experience. This model is good for users to try the app before buying it.

Ultimately, the best app monetization model for your app will depend on your app's unique features and your target audience. It's important to experiment with different models to figure out the one that works best for your app.

What are app monetization platforms?

App monetization platforms are third-party services that help app developers monetize their apps by providing tools and services to manage ads, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and other revenue streams. These platforms typically offer a variety of tools that make it easy for developers to implement and manage different monetization models. Some popular app monetization platforms include AdMob by Google, Unity Ads, Vungle, and IronSource. These platforms offer a range of ad formats like interstitial ads, video ads, banner ads, and many more. They also provide analytics, user segmentation, and other features to help developers optimize their monetization strategies. Some platforms also offer mediation tools that help maximize revenue by connecting the app to multiple ad networks and intelligently routing ad requests to the highest-paying network. Using these platforms can help app developers manage and optimize their monetization strategies more efficiently, leading to higher revenue over time.

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